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Virtual Christmas Celebration in the New Forest at BB's! - Page 16 - Carers UK Forum

Virtual Christmas Celebration in the New Forest at BB's!

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The holly and the ivy.

Well just got back from a lovely stroll through the New forest. It was very beautiful with the low sun shining through the branches and the unmelted frost glistening. Snuggled up infront of a cosy log fire enjoying a naughty hot chocolate completed with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a flake (no calories as its virtual.) S is doing his own thing for a bit in the games room, so I may well have a snooze! 💤💤💤


(The simple wishes of a carer ... )
Oh Melly, I've just realised that my boy has spent the entire time in the games room with S and M!!! Luckily he's good with food so has kept them well fed with even a good load of fruit and veg. They've been enjoying computer games that I find incomprehensible. He does say they will go out for drive tomorrow and a walk along the beach somewhere. He's a good lad really. We've hardly seen them!

Are we staying until the New Year, this BBs B&B really is top notch. The hot tub on the edge of the forest was surrounded by deer when I had a dip last night and the local sausages for breakfast were sublime.

Charades with plentiful alcohol is on the social agenda for tonight I understand
Let's see the New Year in together, and then you can all crawl homeward to face reality once more. Sadly, the planners have served an Eviction Notice from Midday January 1st!
I've never ever done New Year properly, and there still seems to be mountains of food and drink around, we can't let it all go to waste. I love the time between Christmas and New Year, as all the food anyone needs is lurking around. I've seen quite a lot of smoke around, so presumably Pete is now Resident Engineer in "The Shed"?
It's traditional for me to do some sewing in this peaceful gap, so I've set up a magnificent craft room with May Martin from Sewing Bee giving guidance, together with Patrick. All sorts of machines, I'm looking forward to using the embroidery machines, which always look terrifying.
What other crafts would you like? Buffet trollies will pass through at regular intervals, so no need to stop work, food and drink will be delivered to your workstation.
David's going to have a Models Corner I think.
In the next room we can have a Pets Parade. Helena, could you run the Cat Section please, I'm sure Susie will bring Bertie along, especially as he likes cuddles. Does anyone have any exotic pets?
I'm enjoying needle felting ( only have time on school holidays.) I was introduced to this craft with a kit from my teaching assistants at the end of the summer team. They thought I'd find stabbing the wool therapeutic and I do! :lol: I bought myself another kit for the Autumn half term. I finished it this holiday. Both kits had moulds. I'm now trying free form modelling and my Christmas present to myself was some roving wool and a book of ideas. Having made a cat and a rabbit, I'm now branching out to fairies as I fancied using some bright colours this time round. ( Don't what do with them, mind.) The fun is the making part. It gives the brain a break from thinking.

What a great idea BB, just the thing to while away these Twixtmas days.
my usual hobbies are gardening and cooking so this will be change. I did try needlepoint until we got 2 kittens and I kept finding them on the end of the threads :lol: so I might try that again, or even knitting.

As its virtual can I please do a master piece painting?, I'd love to be able to draw or paint but it's sadly not to be in real life
Mrs. A, love the idea of the painting, can you suggest a suitable tutor?
How could I have frgotten to mention my Cookery School. Jane Asher for cakes, Mary Berry, and the Bikers definitely coming, aho else would you like? All calorie free of course!
S would love to work alongside The hairy Bikers and I'd like to learn to play the virtual harp.

Good idea Melly, after an hour of special tuition you can play for us. It's such a beautiful sound.
Sorry BB its been very remiss of me not coming out of the engine shed for three days playing puffing billys.
Love the smell of the coal burning and the steam hissing. Damn shame about your greenhouse though, I reckon you'll need a new one by now! :blush: :cry:

I can help teach art with watercolours, my favorite medium. Easy when you know how. Its the drawing bit thats the hardest.
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