Virtual Christmas Celebration in the New Forest at BB's!

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Uh-oh, I think BB has forgotten WE are all coming! Good job we are all bringing stuff with us.

Albert, keep your Aldi dinner for a day after Christmas, once you are home from BB's and have it on a day you don't feel like cooking.

I'll join you with a glass or two of cider, Mary, especially if it's a dry one. Cheers!

Pete you could get Ducky Delish to deliver to your cabin at BB's or else save a few pennies and eat the shared meal?

I'm hoping to sneak over for a few hours, take S for a walk through the woods and then he can go and check out the games room whilst I have a coffee and natter with whoever is around and then I fancy a snooze infront of my log cabin's fire.

Anyone fancy going deer spotting later? I believe there is one with a very distinctive and rare feature...

Melly you need to go to Stewarts garden centre for that sort of deer but I warn you the smell very strongly. I don't know where they go for the rest of the year. The North Pole perhaps?

Paul used to work at North Pole. It's a bit of London just outside Paddington.

Advocaat is a brand name egg nog is a generic description although in America it seems a lot of their egg nog is alcohol free.
Oh thanks nhshater, so eggnog is Advoccat then without the achohol then. Never knew that?
so eggnog is Advoccat then without the achohol then. Never knew that?
Sounds disgusting, though each to their own. My mum used to drink it sometimes at Christmas.

I know it goes off in the bottle as I bought some for our granddaughter one Christmas as she liked it. It was made into snowballs.
Jill was having some when the dog bit her and that was the last it was drunk!
I opened it two years later and boy did it stink!! :sick:
You should've kept it to ward off the dog!

Ok, while we wait for Albert to tell us some cracker jokes lets play a game:

See if you can guess the Christmas song...

Each individual letter starts a word in the beginning of a familiar Christmas song. Figure out the lyrics with the letters provided....then give us another song to guess.


J B J B J A T W = Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way


Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!

A man has a heart attack and is brought to the hospital ER. The doctor tells him that he will not live unless he has a heart transplant right away. Another doctor runs into the room and says, “you’re in luck, two hearts just became available, so you will get to choose which one you want.

One belongs to an attorney and the other to a social worker”.

The man quickly responds, “the attorney’s”.
The doctor says, “Wait! Don’t you want to know a little about them before you make your decision?”

The man says, “I already know enough.
We all know that social workers are bleeding hearts and the attorney’s probably never used his.
So I’ll take the attorney’s!”
:lol: :lol: :lol: Albert.

Coffee and cake for me please. I've brought along some pretty lights and tinsel for the trees. Tins of chocolates and pringles for us to nibble on.
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