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Virtual Christmas Celebration in the New Forest at BB's! - Carers UK Forum

Virtual Christmas Celebration in the New Forest at BB's!

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Ok folks, we all know BB is a great organiser, but she is probably busy sewing her Chrimbo outfit, so let's start with a list of what people can bring:

BB has a freezer full of homemade mince pies

Pet has offered sumptuous cheese cake

Melly1 will bring traditional mulled wine ...

This is OUR virtual Christmas celebration and we can escape to the New Forest and spend our time however we like!
Ooh yes Melly, what a good idea :D
. I liked our last Virtual Christmas on tropical island, but a virtual trip to the New Forest sounds lovely. I'll go for a virtual walk and pick some sweet chestnuts for roasting in BBs wood stove, or, ooh ooh ooh, :!: :!: would BB fire up a steam engine so we can roast them on a shovel in that? Please, please do let us BB.
OK folks, Christmas at my place it is! The first 40 can come!!
Be warned, it's always a bit of a mad house, not sure quite what the "boys" are going to think about it, No.1 and his son will probably disappear down the shed! (The largest steam engines are in winter hibernation but we might be able to persuade them to fire up one of the smaller ones on the patio. I've had a party for 40 here when my in laws had their Ruby Wedding anniversary (we never made ours).
I've got loads of crockery and even silver plate cutlery enough for all of us, bring your own glasses with your names on. I've probably got chairs for about 15, so the first 15 don't need to bring a chair, everyone else does. You can all park on the lawn or the drive, plenty of room.

I've just been to Costco this morning, bought some more Philadelphia cheese, so can make enough lemon cheesecakes for all of us. M is very sociable, loves a party, and is really helpful. He's already made a 10" rich fruit cake and a cake which will become a chocolate house, so I'm sure he'll share it with you. I'll make a couple of sherry trifles too, and there will be 72 mince pies in the freezer with home made mincemeat.

I'm not going to do all the work though, so what do you want first. Is anyone any good at a hog roast or BBQ, or home made soups? Or would you prefer salads, cold meats, and baked spuds, garlic bread etc.?

I'm no good at party games, who is going to organise the fun?

I LOVE mulled wine, just don't let me have any until the end! The only time my children have ever seen me drunk was walking 100yards back from a neighbours, I couldn't even make it in a straight line thanks to some absolutely delicious punch. It kept being offered, I kept drinking it, all was well until I tried to stand up. For a big girl, I get silly, giggly, and go to sleep. So much so that my OH wouldn't let me drink at my brother's wedding so my mum and dad didn't see me pickled!!!
I'll bring the carrots/apples for the New Forest ponies that we might meet on our virtual walks :D
I will load and unload your dishwasher. I'm sure virtually I will know where everything belongs
just popping in for a coffee and a mince pie if there is one fresh ready? I fancy a walk through the woods to clear away the snuffles and am going to check out the luxury cabin and hot tub I have booked in a clearing in the woods. I know BB's sons keep the wood pile well stocked, so if they get a min could they leave some on my verandah?
Sadly only a short visit today as have lots to get through on my to do list.

This sounds great!

Each week I highlight three forum topics to encourage Carers UK staff to read and this is definitely one for this week.

I hope you all have a lovely virtual time!

Sorry Susie but please don't feed the ponies. Apart from anything else it encourages them to try to ransack picnics and frighten the tourists. They already try to raid the bins and the donkeys block the entrance to the chip shop.
Right I'll be there with only bought goodies I'm afraid. (did you know I hate cooking?)
Mini choc rolls, choc marshmallows, Penguin bicuits, Fruit and nut biccys ect ect..... Oh and a bottle of Lambs Navy Rum and a few real ales if thats alright?
I'll check out the work on your fireplace whilst I'm there BB. :D

Cant wait, when does it start? :blink:
bowlingbun wrote:
Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:48 am
Come on in Melly, the water's lovely in the hot tub. I'll be down in a minute. (I'm finishing off a complaint letter that has to be sent today, when I'd far rather be doing my baking stuff). I'll have some hot sausage rolls ready soon. Anyone else need to escape reality?
Melly's in one of the the log cabins, anyone need a swim? I think I need a swimming pool area with spa attached? We've got a special games room for M and S to play in and get to know each other. All carees welcome, when the Carees Lounge has been decorated. What would your carees like most?

As Melly has decided she needs a log cabin, lets have one for everyone who needs one. Join in and say what you'd like in them?
As I started by doing one meal, and now have longer term guests, I'll arrange a "pop up restaurant" as well. Who would you like to cook for you, Nigella, or Jamie, or ....?
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