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Value of family.

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We have just come back from an Indian Restaurant tonight. 21 members of the immediate and wider family were there.
After the recent loss of my father the value of the family hit me tonight.
It was a big knock losing Dad as I was his closest relative even though people have said I was very lucky to have my father for over 61 years.
Family does do a lot to take you away from the grief and helps you on to the road to recovery.
Dougal my dog also helps as well along with the other dogs in the wider family.

Sounds like a wonderful evening. Im so glad you have found the wider family again.
Family can be a blessing if you have a good one as you obviously do and it is nice to hear of close supportive families who are there for each other in times of need,but these days more and more families seem to be a curse who only want to be family when they need something.I am glad they were a comfort for you that is how it should be
Regards Julie
The value of my family (and friends) has been immeasurable these last months and in the last few weeks I would have sunk without trace without them.
Good family is a blessing without price.
I couldn't agree more Myrtle. My family especially on Jill's side are quite amazing! Image
So glad your family have helped you through such a sad time.
I mentioned the dogs as being part of the family in getting you out of the grief. I would assume everybody has gathered we are a dog family.
I should have mentioned all the other types of pets eg cats.
I am sure they help their owners get over grief as well.