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Hey there I'm hoping somebody can help me out with my question.
Somebody clean for has asked me to be their carer because they are familiar with me.and it saves strangers coming in and out.
I am familiar to care although I've been out the loop for a couple of years.
My question is can you you care for people on a private basis in their own home when you are unvaccinated?
He said he's happy with it but I've asked him to check with his family while I check the legalities of it.
Anyhow I would like to help the family but only if I'm legally obliged to do so.
I really appreciate any help on this.
Is the person you would be caring for been vaccinated. I think that you have asked the family to be informed and a discussion. Shows how responsibly you take the request.
I think you would take regular testing before your visits. Use PPE etc. Don't be in the same room for over fifteen minutes.
I would only add should the person find they get Covid. How would you feel even though it may not have been from you visiting.
Thank You for your reply.yes they are triple vaccinated.
That's a very good point.Should the family wish me to go ahead I will obtain more testing kits.Im not sure if carers are allowed regular deliveries?
If they where to get covid I would be concerned that they may feel I contributed to the risk even though I would have been meticulous and perhaps less risk than different carers daily.
It's not a position I'd seek or of thought have doing but I feel I'd like to help if they wish me to.
https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... in-england

From the above web site ...

Homecare workers
If you are a homecare worker who visits people with care and support needs at their homes, your key responsibilities are to:

conduct tests weekly between Thursdays and Sundays
register your tests as soon as you have completed them each week using your agency’s unique organisation number (UON)
return your test kits at a Royal Mail priority post box on the same day that you complete the test
if you test positive: isolate, notify your line manager and provide contacts to NHS Track and Trace
regardless of your result, continue following all infection prevention and control (IPC) measures such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), washing your hands and socially distancing where possible

This is for employed homecare workers.

Have a talk to your local chemist.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply and offering such great information.
I will follow up on this.