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V5C (logbook) problem. - Carers UK Forum

V5C (logbook) problem.

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My wife has purchased a used car, she wanted to use her disabled tax on it, so she hands me the paper work, and I ask, "What are you doing with this log book? The car dealer has to send that back". She phones the guy, who tells her, that as we are taxing it disabled, we need it to take to tax the vehicle, at which point I am handed the phone to explain to him that we should have only been given the small green part not the full V5C. The dealer then gets a bit irate and starts spouting off about he's been selling cars for 20+ years and Am I trying to say I know more than he does? my reply didn't help, as I said "Well yes I am telling you that, as I have been doing this for 32 years, ( my 33 yr old son has Down's syndrome), and I'd only done a disabled tax for a friend 3 months ago, who was told he'd receive one V5C with PLG in the taxation class, and just destroy that one as another V5C would be there shortly afterwards with Disabled in the taxation class.
Its been a long time since the purchaser was responsible for sending the log book in to the DVLA, (It says on the front page, it is the sellers responsibility to return the V5C).
Anyhow, I got no sense out of him ( and as the dealership was closed for Christmas I couldn't go and give him a sound thrashing for his insolence). Even the post office didn't take it and told my wife she had to return it to the dealer as it was his responsibilty.
Am I right?
If I am wrong, how will the DVLA know who the new owner is?
The dealer had already verified that he hadn't notified DVLA online of a change of keeper, and refused to do it when my wife offered to give him the code on the front of the V5C.
Does anyone know who I need to report this to, it has me slightly worried, what is the big deal, just for this guy to go online and report a change of owner, It only takes 5 minutes to do.
I am approaching 70 so have just renewed my licence - did it online, really quick and easy, licence back in a week, they don't even need a mugshot now if you have a current passport. They just use that picture from joint records.

With the licence came a leaflet that I've just binned, saying that the rules when you sell a car are different now. I can't remember what, I'm afraid. I suggest you go to the DVLA website and see what is new.