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Made my day

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I was in such a foul mood today, and it was supposed to be a day ‘off’ too. I was on my way back to mum and dad (with heavy feet, quite literally) when I passed a busker playing a squeezie box.
All of a sudden, right in front of me, a little ald lady with a walking stick starts waving around her walking stick in time to the music.
I couldn’t resist wiggling and squiggling back at her. It didn’t last long, but it lifted my spirits so much.

Now isn’t that stupid! A 20 second encounter with a complete stranger, and a busker who was a whizz with the squeezie box, did more to lift me out of the doldrums than anything a doctor could’ve prescribed.

Because of the busker and little ald lady, I’m now listening to music I haven’t played for years… To quote Nina Simone, “It’s feeling good!”

that's great. :)


PS Sounds like a sketch from "Off their Rockers!"

PPS Did you go on the holiday your Dad promised you, to the Great Orme?
Sajehar .... I loved reading your post. it is so true that it's the little things that can make such a difference to our lives. I remember an old chap in my home town that used to sell papers on the street. He also did the school crossing. That dear soul always had a smile on his face and I have no doubt that he made so many people smile day after day.

Bell x
That's lovely, Sajehar, what a nice little interlude to brighten the day up :)
Im so glad you had your day brightened :)
The thing I love about your posts is the way you see things that others dont. I bet no-one else noticed that lady B)