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News Update – 12th October 2016
Legal Challenge
Here it is – the news that so many of you have been waiting for! WASPI is launching a legal challenge to the Government.
We have instructed Bindmans (https://www.bindmans.com) to act on our behalf. Bindmans is a leading London law firm, who have achieved success in many equality and discrimination cases and also in representing the Equitable Life Pensioners.
Bindmans consider that there are two potential legal routes that can be followed: 
• A judicial review challenge (or challenges) to the legality of the changes to the State Pension Age; and 
• Maladministration complaints regarding the wholly inadequate information given by the Department for Work and Pensions regarding these changes.
To fund the legal challenge, we shall be opening up a Crowdjustice page in one week's time, so please spread the word as far and as wide as you can between now and then ready to get everyone donating. Funds raised on Crowdjustice go directly to Bindmans to pay for their legal work on our behalf.
The best legal advice is not cheap and a large amount of money needs to be raised. The initial fundraising will allow us to take the best legal advice on a judicial review challenge at the same time as preparing materials to assist with the maladministration complaints. Further fundraising will provide the start of funding for us to engage in legal correspondence with the DWP and begin to pursue whichever legal challenge we are advised offers the best prospects for success.
This news has been a long time coming, because a huge amount of background work had to be done before the campaign was in a position to take this action. Firstly, WASPI needed to have what is called a "legal entity" in order to be able to instruct lawyers and pursue litigation. This has been done by registering WASPI at Companies House as a company limited by guarantee. WASPI has a board of unpaid directors who are: Anne Keen, Celia Johnson, Pat Tarttelin, Susan Beevers and Jane Cowley. Further appointments are expected to be made to the board and we are appointing a campaign director.
WASPI Ltd will be launching a membership scheme in a month's time. Becoming a member will enable you to have your say in electing a committee to represent members' views, be represented on the Board by an elected representative, attend Annual General Meetings and vote on long-term strategy. The membership fee will be £25 per annum, with concessions for those in receipt of benefits, but if you donate £25 or more to the Crowdjustice fund, you will get your first year's membership included in your donation. All the funds raised through the membership scheme will be used to support the campaign.
WASPI Campaign – Paint the Town Purple! Winning Hearts and Minds!
The legal route is not a quick one, with court cases taking years rather than months, so it's vital for WASPI to keep up the momentum with its political campaign. Didn't it make you feel proud to see all the petitions being handed over in the House of Commons this week? Especially when you know how many cold, wet and windy street corners women stood on to collect the signatures.
The work by our local groups has been the cornerstone of the campaign's success to date and we plan to continue on with two new initiatives - "Paint the Town Purple" and “Winning Hearts and Minds”. 
The first "does what it says on the tin". It's simply a push to get every notice board, shop window, library, post office, doctors' surgery, etc. displaying a WASPI poster. We want WASPI to be under everyone's noses wherever they go, so that no one can say (as a Conservative MP did at the conference) that they haven't heard of us.
“Winning Hearts and Minds” is an a initiative to get even more Conservative MPs to support us. We've already been successful in getting quite a number of Tory MPs on board, as was made evident when the petitions were being presented, but we want to get even more! When the government are hearing their own MPs arguing for a fair result for 1950s women, they take a lot more notice than when opposition MPs say the same thing. We are aiming to target the 30 MPs with the smallest majorities – they could be voted out at the next election simply by the 1950s women in their constituency, so it's in their interests to listen carefully to what we have to say. Beyond this, we would like to see a local group in every Conservative constituency, so that the government really understands that we mean business!
So, exciting times ahead for WASPI. Look out for the Countdown to Crowdjustice on our website, Facebook page and Twitter and get thinking how you can raise those funds!
Well done, keep us posted with how to join etc.
Hello bowlingbun
I was just going to sign out when I noticed your message.
It looks like one can join on FACEBOOK but I don't use that site.
As soon as I have another e-mail from our local MP's office I shall post it here.
Thanks for posting. A glimmer of hope at last.

What makes me so angry about this whole pensions mess is that not only are some of us having to wait 5 or 6 extra years to get our pension but that there is no consistency at all.
I have a friend born in Feb 53 and she's been getting her pension for ages. Another friend born in April 53 has been getting hers since July. I am just 6 months younger than her and have to wait another TWO YEARS. How can that be fair?

It's almost like someone at the Pensions dept has just stuck a pin in against names and not thought about the consequences.
Penny, I tested out the government's 'when will you get your pension' website

and I was shocked to discover that if you were born on 5th May 1953, your pension started this last July (6th July 2016), but if you were born on 6th May (one day later) you have to wait till 6th November 2016.

That start date remains the same until the 5th June. Then on the 6th June, if you were born then, you have to wait till the following MARCH (6th March 2017)

Again, if you are born on 6th July 1953, your pension won't start till 6th JULY 2017.

If born on 6th August 1953, it's 6th NOVEMBER 2017

If born on 6th September 1953 it's 6th MARCH 2018

If born on 6th October 1953 it's 6th JULY 2018

If born on 6th November 1953 it's 6th NOVEMBER 2018

If born on 6th December 1953 it's 6th MARCH 2019

So EVERY MONTH's birthday you lose ANOTHER FOUR MONTHS' of your pension!!!