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Update on my Tummy operation - Carers UK Forum

Update on my Tummy operation

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As some of you may remember
I have been under the doctor, for a little while (9th December 2013), and had to have a small operation, on my tummy.

The hospital, were a little concerned because they found more evidence of carcinoid disease, and arranged a subsequent CT Scan.
I had a long consultation with the doctor yesterday and she explained everything in great detail. I have neuroendocrine tumours (NETs aka carcinoid disease) and they think there are some new nodules in his small intestines, and possibly elsewhere, but they don't know for sure. These tumours are the same type as the one I had removed, along with 30cm of my small intestines, in April 2012 (primary site). So he is having some more tests but they really want me to have a 'special' scan, which is done over 3 days, and this will pinpoint just where the nodules are and if they are 'active'. The downside to this is we have to go to the BRI in Bristol and they are going to try to arrange accommodation for us because they appreciate that we aren't in a position to drive to and from Bristol 3 days in a row. My next appointment with the doctor is on 24/02 and she is hoping to have some of the test results back by then. If the results show that the nodules are active then the treatment will involve monthly injections, which they will teach me to do myself, and regular CT scans. The injections will be long-term. If, hopefully, the nodules aren't active then it will just be a case of 'watchful waiting' which will involve regular scans. Thankfully I don't need anymore surgery so, all in all, I’m are feeling much more positive about things now.
hi jimbo ,glad you don't need any more surgery good luck with the tests.
What a relief that you wont need more surgery, whatever happens.
Good luck with the tests
Jim, wishing you good luck with the tests. x x
Thinking of you, mate. Have a beer.
Good luck with the tests, pleased to hear you won't need more surgery xx
Thank you all for your kind words Image
Good luck
Good luck, keep us posted when you can