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to be very honest this P M B was a farce from the get go...
It didn't have government support and so was really unlikely to get beyond this point. The usual tactic is to "filibuster", or talk out the Bill so a vote can't be taken. Because of the few MPs attending, a vote might have slipped through the net and approved something the government doesn't intend to take forward.

The principle aim of this will almost certainly have been to highlight the issue. I was interviewed twice by the local radio station, once in the morning, and then after the Bill was talked out.

When asked if I thought it was fair that carers should "pay the same as everyone else," I answered that it might appear fair on the face of it, but carers support the hospitals by being there to provide care the nurses would have to otherwise, or being the replacement ambulance driver for their caree on kidney dialysis. So no, it's not fair.
Hospital parking charges are not fair full stop!
It cost me £30 to park in Coventry's University Hospital when she was in there for three days a few years ago now. Since then its gone up even higher.
No concessions for nurses ore doctors either! I told a nurse that they should all flatly refuse to pay in an act of defiance, she just smiled and said we wouldn't do that.
The only ones who had any concessions were parents with children in the cancer ward.
Disgusting money grabbing bastards in my opinion! :mad: