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TV Licence Debacle ? A Simple Solution ? - Carers UK Forum

TV Licence Debacle ? A Simple Solution ?

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Okay , if one has a tv , it is assumed that they also have a TV Licence.

Why not introduce technology that prompts said licence details to be input before anyone can watch the BBC channels ?

In essence , anyone can then buy a tv ... watch all channels freely available ... but need to unlock anything shown by the BBC.

Even on Freeview , there are adult channels which require the viewer to unlock ... why not the same for the BBC ?

Thereafter , one can buy a tv without the spectre of the tv licencing authorities ready to pounce if they do not purchase a licence under the present system.

Try convincing them that you do not need a tv licence as you do not watch anything from the BBC !

To watch anything from the BBC , input your licence details ... programmed to only work on that tv set ... no lending of licence details !!!

Will take time but ... a better system ... able to enjoy watching free tv without fear of prosecution ???

Would enable me to treat myself to a tv with a built in multi region dvd player ... handy for multi tasking ... without a probable visit from the licencing authority SS ?
That wouldn't work in families, Chris, where there is more than one TV and different family members watching different channels, e.g bbc1 and cbbc at the same time.

I do agree, though that its not fair for folk who never watch any BBC channels to have to pay a licence though.
Mmmm ... multi tv household ... one tv designated for BBC viewing ?

Could be fun with the age old dispute of one wanting BBC1 , and the other BBC 2 ?

Still , at least technology has caught up with that scenario ... watch one live , record the other ?

As I type , I'm monitoring / reading 4 different sites on mini screens all from this one laptop screen.

Available for Firefox users ... TILE TABS.

Saves constant shifting between windows ... 10 / 12 always open on a Saturday afternoon.
We have a TV in every room! (Apart from the bathroom!)
bowlingbun wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:05 pm
We have a TV in every room! (Apart from the bathroom!)
Terrible. I do so sympathize for you.

You could float a TV in the bathroom on top of yer bath's plastic ducks. :)

We only have one TV and that is mostly one too many.
was at my sisters yesterday and she was some reason or an other bragging she just paid her tv license :roll: :roll: .
thankfully ( well we dont know for how much longer ) mum gets the free license , but we watch less and less and less on BBC as its the same boring stuff and mum is getting bored with the soaps .

where as we watch the Science channels , mum is hooked at the moment on the History channels and every single program about Egypt etc.
i watch Euro sports , everything else i watch is online through Amazon prime / Twitch gaming site
I agree, there are some really good documentaries on TV, although they are often on at odd times, so I record them and watch them when it's more convenient.
We got rid of our TV 4 years ago in June. We finally exited the TV license payments in early 2018 after chatting with the licensing bods. As long as we don't watch any live TV or catch up TV on any phones, or tablets, or computers we are safe,
We haven't missed it at all, because there was nothing to miss.
80% of it was repeats and repeats of repeats.
Even the new programs were remakes of old TV series.
The documentaries were all politicised and we don't watch nature programs to have more politics rammed down our throats.
Much easier to block the BBC by the use of a password / input licence number than run the risk of buying a tv ...with a built in multi region dvd player ... just to watch other channels , occasionly , and use as a second monitor ,,, and then " Promising " the Licence Authority that , on the pain of death ... a thousand note fine ... one would not watch anything on the BBC ... even for a micro second when using the remote in a vain attempt to find anything of interest , by crashing through the umpteen channels , to watch ?
2 elderly neighbours knocked this morning as had received their letters yesterday about paying for their TV license from next yr. One will still get it free, other will pay. Crazy system