Trying to post in Members only.

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Hi, I'm locked out of Members only thread after trying to post photos of White rabbits?
Any ideas anyone? It says ''You cannot post on this forum.''

Ah, well it works ok here it seems. :?
See roll call answer from me
Now it wont let me ''Edit'' my post!

''You cannot edit posts in this forum.'' :mad:

I was trying to correct it to ''Members Corner.''
Pete, go into user control panel and re enter your password. It then will say profile updated and you can continue as normal, Hopefully!!
Pet it wont let me in to read your reply? :mad:

Just says ''Your not authorised to read this forum''. :roll:
Hello Pete. We'll look into this for you and hopefully resolve it soon.

Thank you Michael. :)
Michael this problem is already in hand with Nikki and Amy !

It's not just affecting Pete, but also Melly and myself (we can't get to Mod's tools or do any Mod related tasks unless we keep opening the forum in another tab on our browsers !) plus it's probably affecting a lot of other people too that we aren't aware of :(
I've updated my password, logged out and back on again and STILL I cant get into Members Corner?
Time 12:21 pm Wed Aug 17.
Pete - we're ALL still suffering with the problem, it's not just you. (The forum thinks I'm a 'guest' half the time and won't let me do anything !)
Admin and IT are trying to find and fix the problem but it may take a while - PLEASE be patient :)