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Need advice about Lasik surgery for kids - Carers UK Forum

Need advice about Lasik surgery for kids

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Hi all,
My daughter is 5 years old, she has astigmatism and her vision is very bad. She hates contact lenses and eyeglasses. So we are looking for alternative options. Can children have Lasik surgery? I had googled for advanced techniques and Laser vision correction procedures in See by Intravision, Oakville ( http://seebyiv.com/our-services/laser-v ... -custom-q/ ) I am convinced with the outcome of the surgery, but still I am confused. Is there any complications for this? Help me.
I looked into this a year or so ago, just because I don't like wearing glasses, and whilst most people who undergo the surgery seemed happy enough, a few people suffer from very severe after effects, which can be permanent and incredibly serious, so that put me off. I have no idea about children, but it is something I would consider for my child, but only after taking advice from an independent NHS consultant ophthalmologist.
Hi Elizabeth
I had Lasik myself over a year ago and yes I was extremely pleased with it after years of being blind as a bat.
Having said that, it is not in the least suitable for a 5 year old and I believe you can not undergo the process until you are 18 years old.
The eye ball is still developing and eyesight is a large part to to do with the muscles, so will vary as someone develops. I would also say that a child is very likely to rub their eyes which could cause damage to the flap created to do the surgery.
I suggest some eye exercises, not necessarily the old Bates method but I would recommend perhaps some supervised eye exercises tracing the edge of a printed out "Tibetan Wheel "which looks like a large black intricate elongated snowflake. I suffered astigmatism post op and found these eye exercises great at sharpening up my vision to an acceptable standard.
I would add as an afterthought , but this is purely a personal view, I would notr even recommend it for someone of 18 or early 20s as my own vision deteriorated year after year. You can't keep on having top up LASIK so if you have it too young, then your eyes can still change as they would have done anyway but it will become necessary to revert to a low strength of glasses in time (my view only so you might like to research)
Basically we get bad eyesight through weak muscles, bad habits and these continue, LASIK or no LASIK. It would be better to wait unbtil your distance vision has plateaued in later years IMHO before contemplating such an important undoable surgery
Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I'm getting more confused. Can anyone suggest any alternative solution for this problem?
What does your daughter's opthamologist say? Surely he/she has made a recommendation?

You might try contacting organisations like the RNIB who presumably will know of treatments for all conditions that limit sight? Their webpage may be a starter?

To be honest, I can't see that any solution other than corrective glasses are possible at this age. She's far too young for surgery surely? And certainly nothing that does not come fully, FULLY recommended and approved by an NHS opthamologist! Please do NOT head down any kind of 'commercial' route (unless it's via an NHS referral.)

I know your little girl won't like wearing spectacles - none of us do! I started wearing glasses for short sight at about 8 years old, and have become very myopic (I'm -11, and that counts as visually impaired to the extent that I get free NHS check ups and so on), I could not cope without my glasses.

From what I know, I don't think contacts are allowed for children before they are teens at the earliest - again, hygiene is such an issue, plus one does not want to risk any damage to the surface of the eye.

Five is young for glasses, but as she gets older, her 'resistance' to wearing them will lesson, and as the years go by you can promise her contact lenses for later on when 'looking pretty' becomes so important! (I got contacts for my 18th birthday I remember!)
Can you try and get her a very fashionable pair of glasses, that might make them more enticing to wear? I realise they could be expensive but not as expensive as surgery. As far as I know LASIK is not available through the NHS as it is just for cosmetic reasons. There are other types of lazer surgery that may have more medical justifications.
Hi Elizabeth,
I remember my children when they were small, being very adamant about what they liked and didn't like. Sometimes you just have to say, 'This is how it's going to be'. Let her choose her frames, colour, shape etc. Show her some pictures of beautiful ladies wearing glasses. Any pics of kids on net likewise? Make it fun. There will be other children in school who wear glasses surely? I would not go down any surgery (or whatever this treatment is) until she is much, much more grown up. She will change, her eyes will change, her likes and dislikes will change. Don't show her you are stressed about it because that will influence her. How about getting yourself a pair of glasses? If you don't wear any at the moment, get clear glass. show her it's OK. Make her want to. Apply some 'Mummy psychology'.