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The Undateables(TV show)

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Does anyone else on here watch The Undateables?I think it's really sweet.I usually find myself rooting for the people on there.A lot of them have dating better sussed than those without disabilities!haha.I watch Celebs go dating too and trust me,they have dating better sussed than some of the celebs..Celebs go dating has a few cringe moments.
I must admit I watch that programme. Its very enjoyable and its heartening to watch them find love. They are so genuine its a joy to watch. Why should they miss out.

I hope that my own two boys manage to find someone when they are ready. It gives me hope!
Lack of social skills is a barrier, but can be overcome.
Am glad somebody else on here appreciates the show.I have to admit I didn't watch it for some time as the name of the show put me off and I didn't realise it was about people with disabilities and just thought it was about desperados.Lol.

Do your boys have learning disabilities or something else?(if you don't mind me asking)

I don't mind at all .

One is 24 and is autistic. The other is younger.
with a mild learning disability.
I watch it too, but sometimes I would like to see one of them paired up with someone without disabilities. Is that a 'no-no'? I think that having it that way, could (COULD.....?) result in the non-disabled person bringing out the best in the other and might be more beneficial?
I hope someone sees what I'm trying to say, not wanting to offend anyone (those who know me from the past, would realise that I would never do that).
It's just that sometimes, both parties are so inexperienced and so shy, that their communication with each other is very difficult and therefore, neither of them have a chance of actually moving on and improving.

A lovely programme though, which always makes me feel happy.
Cloudygal,I hope your sons find somebody.Why shouldn't they?Everyone deserves to be happy

I was quite surprised to find out the Governess from The Chase is autistic.Did you know that?I really like her.You'd never know she had a disability.You could see it a bit more though when she did I'm a Celeb get me out of here as she was in a new enviroment.

Nana..Think on the last series was a boy set up with a girl wihout disabilities.She seemed lovely and I think had a family member with disabilities.I agree that sometimes it is nice for them to find somebody different.I think not many people would be able to cope with someone with disabilities though.
My German friend's brother was born during an air raid and he was born with problems as cord was wrapped round his neck and his brain was starved of oxygen. Eventually, was ok, but had severe learning difficulties throughout his life. I met him when I was 14, staying at their family house for 3 months (with permission from school, that is!) and he was the most loving, caring, kind person, always with a smile on his face and laughing. A girlfriend would have done him the power of good and he would have had a lot to give back to a nice girl.
Unfortunately, I lost touch with them all when we all left our schools and never found out what happened or if indeed he ever found himself a girlfriend. Would have been nice.
I've always liked to watch movies in which people try to cope with serious health problems. Maybe that's why I love Breaking Bad in part. In this film, too, the attraction is that here the boys have to somehow cope with problems in life and with health problems that create some difficulties for them. I remember watching the film' Inside I'm Dancing ' in 2004 with James McAvoy in the title role and I really loved the film, the humor. This show somewhat reminds me of this movie, although the jokes here are not so vulgar and cruel :D ... . Where are you looking? I don't like watching on TV. ;)

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