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Time for fun

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Hi Cloudygal.Things were slightly better before the Corona outbreak but it has kind of complicated things.At least I am not still in a home during the outbreak though.Definitely would not have liked that.

How long have you been a member on here for?Is nice to see the regulars

Man,I can't remember the last time I had quality street.I have a weakness for Marks and spencers luxury chocolate biscuits.And also Starbucks chocolate muffins.I have missed them during the closures etc.

I have been on here for a good few months...but I am totally losing track of time since lockdown..

.things have got complicated these last few weeks...i agree there.

Starbucks muffins are great...missing those kind of outings myself

But its going to be a very long time before I feel confident enough to go somewhere like that...even when they re open!

Been doing some cake cooking during lockdown ...

I enjoy seeing the regulars on here too.

Ah..its good you are not in a home now..its really scary all we are hearing on the news.

Stay safe
Seems to be a national baking and cooking obsession right now.What have you been making?Maybe everyone will come out of Lockdown better at cooking..lol

Somebody on This Morning made a Mccdonalds breakfast the other day.Yum.
I asked my wife to pass me the newspaper.

"This is the 21st century" she said, "use my laptop"

That pesky fly never knew what hit it!

Been making cakes with my sons they enjoy cooking. They don't enjoy washing up to the same degree.

I enjoy the cakes, especially as can't go to starbucks or garden centres etc to have cake.


Funny as ever
Haha, Ayjay,
Stay alert - Mask it with a triple denim face mask - Also helps against bad smells - Remember 'he who smelt it dealt it' - If in doubt call the fashion police :lol:
This one's a bit out of date now.
dys without tp modified.jpg


I'm still finding it very hard to play music. Set me off about my late husband. Have tried, radio,CDs and so on. Hear certain ones and am in bits. So I protect myself from added hurt.