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Honey Badger

You have good taste.


I can understand that. My mum was the same when her hubby died. She just could not listen to music again. Set off too many memories
Cloudy gal
It very understanding of you you.
I really hope one day soon I can enjoy music again. Was quite a big part of our lives. Musicals in the West end etc when we were able to afford.
He understood me more than I thought at times! When our daughter's had left home, he came home for Sunday lunch, and I must have looked forlorn or something. He said " you miss the girls don't you, dancing to the music with them. Was a bit of a thing on Sundays, dancing in the front room, and he arriving home to ' catch us" Happy days, and they were daddy's girls. Missed by us all.
I wouldn't mind making a website to just write about things which interest me but its been so long I wouldn't know where to start, aside from the schedule last time I did this sort of thing you had to actually have a working knowledge of HTML etc to produce anything decent, these days you have the site builders like wordpress etc

Cloudygal wrote:
Sun May 17, 2020 3:13 pm
Honey Badger
You have good taste.
I was born in the wrong decade, can't get enough

Pet66 wrote:
Sun May 17, 2020 2:26 pm
I'm still finding it very hard to play music. Set me off about my late husband. Have tried, radio,CDs and so on. Hear certain ones and am in bits. So I protect myself from added hurt.

Very sorry/sad to hear this, your hubby is your soul mate and I can't begin to understand what you are going through, but you must take as long as you need to on this. I understand the part about not wanting added hurt.

Just because someone is gone doesn't mean you stop loving/missing them... what I've found was you go about your routine some days and will get to a certain point (mid day, or afternoon etc) and it'll dawn on you "I hadn't thought about _____ till just now", I felt like a horrible person about this when i first noticed it, but I've come to view this as my minds way of moving past/accepting the loss.

I hope you are able to somehow find some degree of comfort and be at peace with yours.
Hate seeing anyone to be put through such a difficult time, it breaks my heart.

Best wishes and be kind to yourself
I still have a CD player..I even took it with me to the home when I lived there.I think it is nice to play CD's sometimes although I play music online as much.
Think as there was a period in my life where I was too unwell to do much I appreciate music more now.
And this is how that turtle evolved...


Ayjay..What a turtle!Were you trying to post this in the bread baking thread?
I have a soft spot for turtles and tortoises(my friend sent me a turtle brooch for this very reason)and love how when turtles hatch they have to find their own way and learn to swim.
Undermyduvet wrote:
Tue May 26, 2020 6:54 pm
Ayjay..What a turtle! Were you trying to post this in the bread baking thread?
No, but I did consider it, and quickly decided that it would be an intrusion.

I've got a beard, so I can't recommend any brand of razors, but these must be pretty good.
If I see anyone with hair issues i'll pass this advice on