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Only posting because I know people here understand.

I'm going to mum's flat in a while. It was cleared completely last week, there is nothing left there now apart from the curtains, even the carpets have come up.

I wasn't there, a company did the work and mum's neighbour was there, she did it to save me having to go all the way over just for that.

All I have to do today is hoover, put a mop around and then that's it - finish. I will be contacting the estate agents (having finally decided who to pick) and making arrangements for the flat to go on the market.

I'm dreading it. I am dreading walking in there today and I have got that ache in my chest, the closing of a chapter. It means bigger things for us, the go - ahead to buy a home of our own, away from London where I grew up and it means a new life. I should be over the moon and I guess underneath I am..it's just that for today I wish time would stand still.

She has been gone 6 months now and it is easier but I miss her so much.
Been there, it's not easy.

Rather than look on it as the closing of a chapter, try to look on it as a 'new beginning', the next phase of your life.
Mixed blessings for you Ladybird. I know just how you feel, but your memories of the happy times in the house will be with you always, and step forward to new beginnings and new memories to cherish.xx
I did the final clearing out/cleaning in my MIL house 6 months after she died too, just before completing the sale.
It felt more final that the funeral. I whispered goodbye to her just before I shut the door on the way out and then gave the keys over to the estate agent.

I crossed that bridge as well Ladybird....but Mum's was a council flat so did not have the experience of having to sell...but it was still heart breaking to clear everything out of it!!


Hope it wasn't too difficult for you, Ladybird. It's difficult, especially as there are so many memories there, but at least it will mean the beginning of a new phase in your life.
Hugs Ladybird, I had to get Nans flat cleared out pretty quickly as it was HA, looking roound an empty place once it was done was heartbreaking.
Sending Big Hugs Sis,
Your heart is where mum is now and always will be, always by your side.
Minnie x
Oh I feel for you Ladybird. xx

My Mum is in her late 80s and I know already that when her time comes I don't want to go back in the house. We have a family rift (with brothers) so it would be very awkward anyway and I want no part of it.

It's a very sad time for you Ladybird.