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This will make you laugh

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When I was a young teenager,( just over 70 years ago) my favourite series of books was " Sue Barton District Nurse"
It started off with her training as a Student Nurse and went through so many things relating to hospital and nursing experience. Really interesting and quite funny.
When she was on the wards, one thing they absolutely HAD to do when making a bed was to make sure the 'open' end of a pillow case was facing away from easy view! This has stuck with me all my life and I still make sure the open end faces away! My husband thinks I'm mad! :)
If the books were still in print I'd read them all again! :)
When I had a part time job to fund my driving lessons, this was very important. 50 years on, I still do it! When I worked in Switzerland at the Guides International Chalet, over 100 guests, pillows and sheets all had a logo. We had to fold the sheets so that the logo was visible in the airing cupboard.
I still do that too. Years ago before fitted sheets,I did the 'hospital corners' on the bottom sheet.
Amble, you can easily buy old copies of those books. They sound fun. Go to abebooks.co.uk and enter Sue Barton in the title field. Currently the cheapest is Sue Barton, Rural Nurse, for £2.79 and free postage within the UK. Sue Barton Student Nurse unfortunately costs £4.90.
Thanks for that Greta. I'll have a look.

Pet66 and bowlingbun, it's fun isn't it, looking back in time and the things we learned then and still value.

Of course I also have other memories, which now make me laugh, like Reverend Mother addressing me at fortnightly 'Marks' in the school hall and saying "Oh , I see you are STILL only on B minus. ( I had worked quite hard to be there!) :roll:
Available on several websites.

I would try your local library 1st.

Amble, I LOVED those books too. Thank you for reminding me of them.