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Don’t as a rule post stuff I do on the radio but we are repeating our show with James Toselnad tonight.
Just in case anyone is a fan
I chat to James as he talks of his retirement, his meeting Katie Melua, now his wife and chooses his favourite music tracks.
AS well as sitting my his friends bed as he passed away following a accident
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eghmedia/2 ... s-toseland
What a star he is, a grand ambassador for motorbike racing. Thanks for that lowrider, hope you're ok these days.
He is ,i am a big fan and this was my second chat with him.
Quite funny as well as he talk about planning the wedding and Katie telling him nothing about the plans Image
I am doing fine thanks
Great interview Paul. Good to know your well mate. Lovely song as well.
There was some good song there.
Done a few more shows like that since then,James Whitham said yes then backed out. Image
What? That's not like him. He is a trustee type of person for the Road Racing Legends charity, which is run from near here. He always Chairs the RRL charity auction and 'audience' with ........... evenings in February. Look on the website, Mark and I are on one of the photos of the audience. I didn't attend the February event this year, couldn't face it by myself.
Mark loved those question and answer sessions, great fun and much hilarity from some of the guest bikers, the Dunlop brothers were particularly funny a few years ago.


Dont know what happened,he said yes via Twitter,sent him the info sheet,same as JT.
No response.
E mailed him ditto
Loved him when he raced,enjoy his chatter on TV and had just read his book.
Pity,was looking forward to it Image
That Guy whatsisname did that to the RRL evening one year. The organisers announced that he wasn't coming and several people walked out. Didn't spoil the evening for most people though.
And yet another bloke, was in the local hospital with his leg in a splint, discharged himself for the night and got a friend to drive him over to the RRL event and went back to hospital immediately afterwards! Can't remember his name, young bloke, blond hair.
Sorry but no idea who that could be Image