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This could be a touchy subject but.......... - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

This could be a touchy subject but..........

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I'm just so blooming honest that I instantly blab without stopping to think, "Ooh I can have that".
In a big department store if I think quick enough, then I would keep any over payment without feeling guilty.
If it was a small shop then I would instantly point out their mistake, as I know just how damned hard running a small business is.

On the recommendation of you Carers, I did ring DWP about our £200 winter fuel overpayment. It took three seperate phone calls to different departments and even then nothing was properly resolved.
I have to wait for them to write to me asking for it back. I did offer to pay it back over the phone there and then, but that would have been too easy. Image

I once found a purse in the road with £60 in it. I was off work after a hip replacement and really skint. I instantly took it to the police station as the owners face was looking at me on her Canadian drivers licence. It turned out to be one of my customers daughters over here on holiday.
She was delighted and called round to thank me with a bloody pot plant! I was gutted we could hardly eat that week! Image
I once found £40 in a telephone kiosk Pete. It was in the very early 80's and a lot of money. I got in touch with the police, because it was as much as my Nan had in a week for her old age pension, and I thought it might be all that a person had to live on.I got to keep the money in the end, as nobody claimed it!
Our credit card is a signature one rather than chip and pin, and I don't know how many shop assistants have handed me the wrong bit, thinking I have done my PIN and that the transaction is finished.I always point it out. The pet shop is the worst,perhaps because they are always so busy.
Soon after my son died, I met my sister in a cafe and we had a cuppa together. Then we had a second cuppa, which I said I would pay for.The waitress told me I could pay on my way out. I forgot and walked out!I remembered several hours later and was in a terrible panic until I managed to find the phone number and let them know what I had done,and that i would pop in with the money the next day if that was okay with them.
Remember this is just talking morally right or wrong.
This is not to do with circumstances, or if repayment would cause hardship, nor the conception that an overpayment is a 'gift'.
The question is
Do you think it morally right to accept something you know you are not entitled to?

Given the following,

All money paid out by any Government department, including the DWP, is raised by taxation, paid by us, that's everyone in the UK. The rich, the poor, the tax dodgers, the tax evaders, everyone pays tax of some description that goes to the Government who decide what to spend it on.
Wrongly given change, as their tills are checked, it's their mistake so the check out person is usually held responsible for shortfall.

Would you change your moral outlook?
Not morally right if you know about the over payment at the outset. But if you discover sometime later that you have mistakeningly been over paid by the DWP then.....I think that is different, then to me the question is..... Is it morally right to put yourself or your caree in to financial hardship to repay the money, also keeping in mind that a proportion the money you've (probably) already spent will have already gone back to the government through taxes paid via VAT, the hot food tax, umpteen over taxes most of which we don't even realise we are paying!!! So in that case how much do really owe them? Image Image Image

Still think it's morally wrong in the shop question. Know for sure through personal experience it can be as bad as losing someone their job. As happened to myself and another cashier, I went on her till to relieve her for her morning break, misunderstood what she said regarding how far she'd got with dealing with a customers shopping. Charged them for a glass jug and didn't realise that she hadn't taken the money for their weekly food shopping. Christmas and birthday rolled into one for them, straight on the dole for her and I, and for some reason a written warning for the superviser in charge of the tills. And that was how a major supermarket chain store manager dealt with the situation, no warnings, no second chances, straight out the door.