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The Last 3 Things You Bought Yourself As A Treat? - Carers UK Forum

The Last 3 Things You Bought Yourself As A Treat?

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Hi All

The other week I had to buy a new electric toothbrush. Nothing exciting about that but it got me thinking about the things I had bought recently as a treat for myself. And honestly, I couldn’t remember! Definitely there wasn't a brand new sparkly car or a new speedboat (I wish!)

It was I think a:

- Saturday newspaper
- Subscription for a year's badminton club (£20 a year, bargain)
- Some roasted peanuts.

What were the last three things you purchased just as a present for yourself?

Love to hear from you and I'll try to mention all of your posts on my Riverside Pub show for carers and their families on Wednesday at 6pm on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

Kind regards

p.s. have a quick listen to my new trailer for the show where I take you on a quick tour of our virtual pub - even Gladys is playing the piano]http://www.radiowey.co.uk/#/riverside-pub/4576228916[/url]
I bought four super wonderful hanging baskets in the local market this morning, complete with drop down sides to make it easier to plant up larger plants without damaging them. Only £5 each and far superior to my wire baskets - the "egg box" liners alone cost almost £3 a year, and I've got over 20 baskets in total! Gardening is my occupational therapy when the sun is shining. Sewing is my OT when it's wet. Carees permitting of course!
Hmm, in the last two weeks I've had to buy a new landline telephone, a new fridge freezer and a set of headphones with a microphone so I can use Skype. I wouldn't actually classify any of those as a real "treat". (And didn't leave me very financially solvent for big treats!) I bought a Sunday paper last week for the first time in I don't know how long. Oh and I went to the hairdressers - the best part of that treat was sitting down for an hour with some trashy magazines, a cup of coffee and nobody calling out my name or phoning me up!
I've been rather extravagant this year: my lovely Nissan Leaf electric car comes first, though its actually on a three year lease: its quiet, comfortable, quick and costs 2p a mile to run.
The solar panels on the roof - they generate quite a lot of free electricity - more when its sunny, obviously. And they will pay for themselves in time.
And a Panasonic Lumix camera, great for all those family and bird-pics.
Bought myself a new camera - a "bridge" camera - in the New Year. Other treats have been less costly - a chocolate éclair, a pair of Snoopy cuff links.

Enjoyed all of them, but the éclair was the first one in over 5 years. Makes the memory water just thinking about it.
!) Chicken & bacon sarnie with LOADS of mayonnaise ! (bang went the diet Image )
2) Two Little Red Robin shrubs for the garden.
3) New pair of Sketchers trainers with 50% off Image
A squirrel proof seed holder for the birds, a green plastic tarpaulin with eyelets to make hide in order to photo birds, and the biggie: blowing just over a tenner on a Wetherspoon's mixed grill with a peppercorn sauce as a side dish. It was delicious!!!! Haven't had one for about 3 years.
- A bed with memory foam mattress, much better than my old one
- A couple of Superdry jumpers
- A few dvds and Kindle books
A carrot cake
A puzzle book
Hair dyes! Image
Knitting magazines
Top for yoga