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"The Joy of Painting" - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

"The Joy of Painting"

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Opps.... I didn't mean to call you X; that's what I do when I do a reply in Word (the posts tend to 'disappear' otherwise) and put the actual name in afterwards. I forgot that was my spec as I haven't been on this site for a while.

My apologies, David4
I'm very sorry for the late reply Sajehar. It's nothing to do with the X's!

I think it's wonderful that you feel like picking up the brushes again. That would be a terrific achievement.

Imagination must still be there, being fed day after day, always yearning to express itself at some level. All that training too. If you can bring together the time and opportunity (far from easy if you're caring) now that the inclination seems to be really home again, who knows what you can create.

Good luck with these adventures Sajehar. No pressure, but please let us know how you get along!

Best wishes, David

PS The other night, Bob painted one of his moonlit seascapes and he used a paint called 'black gesso'.
I used to do a lot of watercolour painting and completely lost myself in it and found it so relaxing. For the last few years I have not done any at all because all my time has been taken up with my Mum (now on end of life care) and my special needs adult daughter. Apart from a few minutes coming on here and going for an occasional walk, I don't have much "me" time.

It is something I would love to get back into in the future though. I still have everything I need, just need the time! :)
Hi Penny

I sympathise with you on this, although my 'me time' had nothing to do with painting. Even picking up a book is very difficult for me.

There's always worry; it's always very difficult to lose myself in a book nowadays. At night, when mum's gone to bed, I can start to read but I always seem to be on edge, listening for any unusual sounds like her occasional crying out. That makes me even edgier of course. But after posting here a couple of months ago about reading, I've managed to read a novel.

Is there any hope you might exchange your walking time for painting time? From a physical fitness aspect it might not be great but it could help you emotionally a little more, at this particularly difficult time.

Take care Penny, David