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"The Joy of Painting" - Carers UK Forum

"The Joy of Painting"

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I didn't really know where to put this but I thought I'd create a post that was separate from favourite television programmes because in my case things became very mood lightening.

Has anyone heard of a TV show called The Joy of Painting presented by an artist called Bob Ross? I hadn't, until I stumbled across it a couple of months ago during another sleepless night. I only caught the last 10 minutes but became so captivated by things that I actually felt happier. It wasn't just the art work - I know nothing about painting - it was the nature of the painter Bob Ross.

Long before I became ill and before mum had developed Alzheimer's disease I'd worked pretty hard at becoming cynical in my approach to life, while I think always knowing that that wasn't what I wanted to be like. I'm not saying that a 30 minute painting instructional has cured me of my hopelessness but things do feel a little better, when I watch the show at least.

"The Joy of Painting" is being shown on BBC 4 at 7.30pm from Monday to Thursday and is repeated in the early morning.

Best wishes to all, David

Its good you have found something to lift your mood.

I will check out the programme sounds interesting.
I hope you enjoy it too Cloudygal.

Best, David
I enjoy this too, David, despite the fact that I don't have an artistic bone in my body. I think his voice is very soothing too.
That's exactly what all the non-painters say Anne! I watch the show with mum and we both smile together.

A couple of weeks ago BBC 4 showed his biography "Bob Ross: The Happy Painter" and I've discovered since that it's on youtube. Just reading some of the comments gives an idea of the wonderful influence this man still has.

Keep watching, David
I love this program; as much for his soporific voice as anything (I like his seascapes best.)
There was a golden sunset over the sea on a couple of nights ago Sajehar, but unfortunately I dropped off myself and only came to at the end.

Best wishes, David
BUMMER... I missed it.

I do like his crashing waves with the light shining though them (Black on black or something??!! I must find out about that 'magic white/black' he keeps going on about.) I also admit I'm getting bored with the mountainscapes, log cabins, etc, (bit samey) but those crashing waves do something to me.... god knows what but they do?
However, that voice? I never tire of it; it's so soothing, Very soft, but happy clappy and encouraging... all at the same time. How does he manage it? He reminds me of some kind of low key vicar.
Now THAT takes some doing. All power to him.

P.S. Garden Rescue and that Repair Shop programs are my next faves too. I end up crying a lot with the Repair Shop one, but the Charlie Dimmock and Rich Brothers from Garden Resue are ace. I've put loads of their ideas into practice. Whether they work or not is another matter. Plus, I NEVER want to see a pallet again in my life. But the planter I made from them I'm dead proud of (just 'Never again'.) :shock
Nice one Sajehar! A low key vicar - perfect. And he was a sergeant in the US Air Force for 20 years too.

Although I feel a bit of a turncoat here, I must admit to missing a few of those mountain scenes with trees. As you say, a bit samey. But I'm in complete agreement with mum regarding his reflections. He makes something that appears complex look easy to achieve. And everything painted and signed within the half hour.

Unfortunately, because I'm usually half asleep when I watch his show these days, I'm unsure of his night-time technique's name, but it could be something like 'liquid black'. Also, beginning around December 14th, he'll be painting some 'winter specials'. However, I think these might be the cabins in mountain snow scenes mainly.

I envy you your practical skills Sajehar. I can't knock a nail in; just a bit of painting and decorating I'm afraid.

Best wishes, David
Hi X

You’re absolutely right; it is called ‘liquid black/white’ not ‘magic’. I googled ‘liquid black/white bob ross UK’ and you can buy it in England. Thank you so much for that info XXX

Unlike others replying to your thread, I am a trained artist – a highly trained artist to boot - albeit a failed one. Failed as in I haven’t lifted a paint brush to paint in about 20 years (except for DIY.)
Believe it or not this Bob Ross bloke has given me ‘itchy fingers’ to paint again… purely for my own pleasure which, actually, is the only way to do it. IF only I realised that at art college.
I say ‘believe it or not’ because my younger self would’ve be scathing about him, even though secretly I still would’ve admired him, but NEVER admit it.
Basically, watching him has made me admit I was a coward; I cared more for the opinions of other than my own ‘vision.’

Why haven’t I painted in over 20 years? Because the conflict became too great. I am the closest my family has come to a prodigy technique wise (I cracked perspective at the age of five without any tutoring.) I also had one hell of an imagination (which my mum put down to me being left-handed from when I was born.)
But I could never tie the two together once I went to art school. That drove me crazy. So, one day I woke up and decided to bin the lot. A bit like a priest who had their lost faith (I’d previously loved art with a passion) and decided I’d never pick up a paint brush again. And I haven’t. But now I want to (itchy fingers; they really are itching) with this liquid black stuff you’ve let me know about.

https://www.saa.co.uk/bob-ross-liquid-b ... 9oEALw_wcB
I’ve no idea why, and don’t much care, I just want to.

It’s on my Chrimbo pressie list.
The weird thing is, that despite my priestly denial of art, I’ve kept all my brushes, etc (albeit covered in dust) for over 20 years. They have followed me like a shadow.

So, another link… how could I resist!

I was going to put up a link to ‘Me and my Shadow’ by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior, but didn’t much like it, so clicked on the next one instead. Now this one I really do like; ‘The rhythm of life.’ That spoke to me in volumes. Especially the ‘daddy bits’. I’m sure a pychcatist would have a field day with that.
I now realise I have to stand up to my father… it’s that basic.


If Bob Ross taught me anything it was ‘follow your own heart.’ And for that I thank him and you…. Thank you for your thread XXX