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I am now retired but used to be a computer engineer.
You would think that this would be one of the safest occupations on earth?

Not so...I used to meet all kinds of people who needed their computer repairing at home.

One guy who I knew worked at the Homeless Centre in town as a janitor. He used to tell me that there was generally trouble there all the time and unfortunately had got himself involved with breaking up arguments.

On the stairs banister the druggies would place hypodermic needles concealed with sellotape on the hand rail so that as you were climbing up the stairs, your wrist would get pricked with one of the needles containing something unpleasant.

Whilst I was repairing this janitors computer at his house a series of explosions rattled through his windows.
Someone with an automatic pistol had fired through his windows both upstairs and down. At least four bullet (or a ball bearing gun) holes were fired above my head. He obviously had upset someone who knew where he lived. I spent the next half our in the broom cupboard with a torch whilst replacing the power supply of his computer.

See attachment of window

When the policeman finally did arrive the bobby said:- "Kids...what can we do with them?"


What can the police do George?
Get them to court, for the powers that be let them off with a warning. Or send them into care, where staff have very little say in the way of rules, because of policies.