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The Casual Banter Thread - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

The Casual Banter Thread

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Oh Pooh! I've got one of those newfangled moulded keypads that can't collect breadcrumbs. I feel deprived.
I'm going to complain to Toshiba that they've denied me the culinary pleasures of keyboard crumb bread & butter pudding, and microwaved softened breadcrumbs. I want breadcrumb compensation off them! Maybe they'll send me a loaf of Mother's Pride?
A crumbled loaf perhaps. :lol: :lol:
Add a few currants for flavour. :lol:
Watch out MasterChef....... here we come

You've given me an idea. Enter the computer crumble for Master Chef.


12 ounces (showing my age now) of computer crumbs
6 ounces of belly button fluff
4 ounces of raisins
2 ounces of butter
About 30 scabs

For jus, a handful of pennies retrieved from back of sofa.

Preheat microwave to whatever it's top setting is for ten minutes.
In the meantime beat all ingredients together until they form a smoothish paste. Next spoon one third of mix into a greased dish.
Place ten scabs on top. Repeat until all mix and scabs are used.
Assuming microwave hasn't blown up with nothing in it in the meantime, nuke for 3 minutes.

Somehow melt copper coins, and drizzle artfully around your computer crumble.

I think it's a winner, and SOOOooo 21st century.

Even though I am laughing - a part of me is saying eww!! :lol:

You forgot the dog/cat hairs! B) :P
I knew the artiste in me was missing something.... Durr! :whistle:

For those of you who are dog/cat challenged, a good substitute is those mangled/ welded together human hair clumps one pulls out of plug holes. Remember to thoroughly rinse first, and to finely chop BEFORE adding to mix.
Just come onto this thread, laughing out loud & would love to use your useful tips. Help me what do I do, go hungry? I use a tablet so no keyboard to catch crumbs for any kind of anything, any advice welcome B)
Do have lots of eggs from hens?
Have a search around the shops, Chickenlady. Someone's bound to make a fake keyboard cover for tablets, specially designed to catch crumbs, dog fur, and other assorted goodies. :lol: