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Thanks to our Mods - Carers UK Forum

Thanks to our Mods

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Many thanks to our Moderators. You are amazing.
They are our unsung heroes, who beaver away behind the scenes to maintain the forum.
Last night there was a flurry of what I call "idiot emails" but by about 6am they had all vanished again deleted by an early rising Mod.
Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many are deleted in the average week?
I absolutely agree!
Was up early. Saw a flurry of them at 6.30ish.
Gone! Very quickly.
Thank you BB :D

How many in a week ? It varies widely - some weeks none or just 1 - 2; other weeks anything up to 50 or so. The worst I ever cleared was over 300 in one day about 4 years ago :shock:

It's always worse at certain times of the year like when students are on holiday from Uni or college - I think they take on the posting of spam on forums such as ours as a "holiday" job and get paid for the number they manage to post :roll:

(Hopefully our "new" forum will have more efficient spam filters !!)

Pet - there's still one left that the spammer has blocked us from removing (aaarrrggghh) reported to Admin as the last time this happened they were the only ones who could get rid of them !

Oh yes and it was Charles who was up early :D :D
Thanks for the nice comments!

Usually by the time I come on - between 6 and 7 - there are a couple or so to get rid of, although not every day. Today the same poster had put up 11, of which one had blocked access, so it was a relatively easy job to get rid.

I think the worst one I had started with about a hundred when I came online but there were several of them posting all the time I was getting rid of that poster's somewhat extreme and graphic porn. All told it took about an hour to get rid of it all, and there were hundreds of them - probably around the same as Susieq's figure. Eventually all the porn ones were blocked at source, which was a relief for those of us who were modding at the time. The worst of the blatant ones these days are the counterfeit money and drugs posters, but my particular concern is those posters who "copypasta" from other forums to get replies and sympathy from people who genuinely want to help. They're not easy to spot but they seem to get off on feeling superior because they "fooled" someone.

Part of me is tempted to have at them and tell them what I think, but they are such sad people they even get some sort of pleasure out of that. So generally they get deleted, if they've not had a reply yet. But I detest timewasters.
Thanks BB and Pet.

I tend to catch the tea time onwards spammers and the weekend ones from mid morning.

I think there is usually a spattering of traditional spam to deal with. Like Charles though, the ones who copy and paste bits from other places on and waste everyone’s time are the most annoying.

I have dealt with some multiple posts spam attacks which can take quite awhile to clear, I like it when I catch them mid flow as then they can be blocked from posting any more whilst you begin the clear up. They must be quite annoyed to find they are suddenly blocked and banned.

Seriously though, the more spam etc there is, the less time we have to respond to posts and welcome newbies.

Bit late to this threat but may I add my thanks to the Mods too? Not an easy job at times and I am sure not everyone realises what goes on behind the scenes and how hard the team works.