Telephone call from someone from this forum

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Michael Carers UK wrote:
Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:07 am
Cerinthe wrote:
Sat Sep 28, 2019 4:52 pm
Just that really. I was phoned at work to ask me about the magazine and advise me of helplines. I was somewhat surprised as I didn’t think I’d shared either my telephone number or my real name. The caller was polite so I didn’t query anything about the call but was a bit perturbed afterwards. Anyone else?
Hello Cerinthe. The call you received would have been from our Caring Caller volunteer Sudhir. For the past four years Sudhir has been coming into the Carers UK office once a week to call new members and welcome them to the organisation. He lets new members know about the Forum, the helpline and the information on our website. There is some information in the Terms and Conditions for members that lets people know that they may receive such a call, but you may have missed this when you joined up.

This was a one-off call and you are unlikely to receive any further calls from Carers UK. However, if you'd like to ensure that you don't receive any more calls from us, please send me a private message or email

If you have any further feedback on the call, please let me know by private message too.


Thanks for explanation. Tbh it feels better knowing who it was that rang. My feedback is that it might be good to check if now is a good time to call. I was at work.

I’m a member of several carer groups and wasn’t aware I’d shared my phone number. It worried me that someone had it but I didn’t know who
I had the very same call last Friday around 2 in the afternoon. Call was from London according to my phone.

Chap seemed genuine and real. Also very kind. I mentioned the call on a different thread a couple of hours ago.

I was informed about a magazine and told about phone numbers and Email if I needed specific advice.

I was on a bad day. Up against it somewhat and the call cheered me up knowing there is someone out there who cares enough to ring.