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Teignmouth & Dawlish 2014 - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Teignmouth & Dawlish 2014

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Sussex and Pete - most of those pictures have been shown on TV news here - they are no less dramatic seeing them second time - massive devastation and heartache. As we live on North Sea coast we are accustomed to the power of the ocean and the damage it causes but what has been happening on the south coast is unheard of hereabouts.

Generally we are less likely to have flooding but I heard of this couple a few miles along the coast who sometimes had a small amount of sea water coming into the house with the high tides of January so decided last autumn to have a sun lounge built against the gable wall, well sealed etc. to protect against bad weather and save the bother of placing sandbags. Since last week they no longer have the sun lounge - no sign of it at all! Because they did not have the sandbags in place the whole ground floor has been ruined!
Good grief Wifey, thats a bit of a nasty do! You mean the whole sun lounge got swept away and just because they didn't place the sand bags on the inside doorway, everything got flooded? Unbelievable!! Poor devils. Image
Sometimes its better to rent, eh? Well, especially if you have to live in a floodplain...
Here is our storm damage - not quite as bad as Pete & Sussex's piccies, but....


Too many pics to put up so thought I'd just post a link. This is of Plymouth and surrounding areas. The Wet Wok restaurant has certainly lived up to its name now unfortunately... Its been demolished, along with the Seaton cafe and many other places

http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Stormy- ... story.html