Switching electricity suppliers .

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Hi ,has anyone heard of the big deal or first utility ,thinking of switching from sse .
Hi David.
I have just switched from SSE to First Utility. The reason I did it was because our borough does a group switch. Last year they gave SSE as the cheapest provider, and this year First Utility. If I take part I can decide if I want to change. Anyway, I have no problems with the change - nothing else to say.
Thanks for the reply .At the moment i am paying £55 a month direct debt with SSE and they are forever trying to increase it .
First utility said i would only be paying £34 a month ,but they could say anything just to get people to switch .
All the energy firms are a bunch of ***************************************************************************************************lying **********************cheating**************************************************************************************sods :D
david c wrote: All the energy firms are a bunch of ***************************************************************************************************lying **********************cheating**************************************************************************************sods :D
I used to think that then I switched to Ecotricity.
They are excellent, their customer services are amazing and they are 'greener' and less expensive than other companies.
The only thing they do, which they have to by law is try to reduce my DD when it is reviewed each year but then I phone them up and tell them not to.
(I prefer to pay a little extra than their forecast for the year to absorb unexpected consumption.)
Hi ,thanks for the reply ,think i might switch to them.
I very rarely get a hard copy paper bill through the post these days.
Phoned the big deal ,they said i am already on the cheapest tariff ,so not going to change .
Seems anyone can supply you with energy these days .
I am on Economy seven with cheap rate at night and slightly higher rate during the day, not very satisfactory