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Apropos of.....absolutely nothing - Carers UK Forum

Apropos of.....absolutely nothing

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Maybe this is just me, and you will all read this and think "poor girl's completely lost it" but sometimes, especially when I'm walking, completely random thoughts pop into my head for no reason at all.

I thought it would be fun for us to share them and start a thread on it. Anything we put on here does not have to have the remotest connection with anything Image Image Image

(now I KNOW that you think I've lost the plot. But as my Aunt says: "there's a plot? Image )

I'll start it off with two:

1) someone once said, (it may have been George Bernard-Shaw) that "those who can't do, teach". But I think that if there are never any teachers, then there will never be able to be any "do-ers"

2) Why, every time we go into a bank or shop, or make a phone call, do we have to have an "experience" or a "journey", usually with an exit interview, asking if the cashier/phone operater "exceeded our expectations"? When I go in, all I want to do is complete my transaction then head for home Image Image
YOU Aint the only one that's lost the plot PhoebeImage I lost it Years ago
Image Image Image Image

Glad I'm not alone, I think people are going to read this and think that I've got nothing better to do than think about odd things Image Image Image

Think it's just the way my mind works Image
Phoebe, it's not just you! Image
My head is often full of random thoughts, trouble is, I usually forget them ...
....when one pops in, I'll let you know...if I remember....

...What was this thread about again?... Image
Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image

I know what you mean, sturdy- half the time I can't even remember 5 mins ago Image Image
Now what were you on about Image Image
Ps I forgot what I had for tea the other night Image Image Image Image Image Image
Did I have that? Image Image Image Image
Saw notice on the coach last week, saying 'Number of standees - None'.

'Standees'??????????? I guess we all have to be 'something' these days.

If you don't park your car centrally between the white lines in our car parks round here, the parking warden issues you with a penalty. I regularly shunt my car back and forth to make sure there are equal amounts of white lines either side, even getting out to check all round it. Why do I never see anyone else doing that? They surely can't park completely centrally every single time, can they?
What a daft thing to think about.
Nana- I think of lots of daft things, thats why I started this thread Image Image Image Image

At the end of a football match, you always see them swap shirts. What do they then do with each others shirts? do they keep them? why? do they wash them, as they are filthy? do they end up with loads of other teams shirts? and then have to have a new shirt for themselves each time they play a match?

What a ridiculous thing to think about Image Image Image Image
Hubby just looks at me and rolls his eyes, but I don't get and answer!!!!
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Another one is:-
Why does the computer 'FREEZE up'?

Not one of the other electrical appliances in my house ever does this. Even the tely doesn't stick in a particular freeze-frame halfway through the News, forever until you turn it off.