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Super powers

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So if you could have any super power for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Ive always had 2 at the top of my list and thats a toss up between flying and to be able to stop time. For a while now mine would have to be...


My reason.

Because you could use it to change anything. The time you are late for work, missed the bus, failed something that you really wanted to achieve there and then (Ok alittle cheating but hey!). You could also save so many people and things. From the wrong place at the wrong time moment - the unfortunate person that was caught in the wild weathers that pulled down a tree or toppled a wall that they could survive. Or the fire that ravaged an empty home but helped to lose so many memories.

Oh and not forgetting England winning every penalty shoot out and being the worlds most successful country or even the egg that missed the politician by an inch. Stop time and place them in the right position.

Think I could have a lot of fun with this super power as well as doing good.
I would love to be abel to time travel just so I could see how things were hundreds of years ago and to go to the future to see what is going to happen in the world Image Image
I would like to be invisible....go to area 51 perhaps...
Now tell me if I am being greedy but I was thinking if I could stop time I would hopefully like to be able to control it so....

Time travel would be able to happen. Just stop the clock and rewind it


You could visit anything you wanted to (Area 51) by stopping the clock then just walking straight in. If you get caught in real time, stop it then rewind it.

Maybe I am being greedy but it'd be a hell of a journey
Yes your right Aussie! i wouldn't need to be invisible!
Sorry for being so prosaic, but when you said about being able to stop time my reaction was
- yes, yes!! then Id be able to fit everything in!!!!!!
Being able to cure horrible life threatening diseases and then none of my sons friends need to have died and my son would also live the life he should have had without the Muscular Dystrophy.

Eun, I'm on your wavelength, I was thinking healing powers too.

If that's already taken, I would like the power to control the weather Image
I'd make rain at night, then no-where in the world would have a drought, we would have snow on Christmas day, hurricaines, floods etc would all be downgraded, and I would ensure at least some warm sunshine for the U.K! Image
Think I would like time travel too. Would like to go back to Georgian era and waft about reading books and doing tapestry. Yes, I am travelling back in style - no scullery maid for me.

In addition to healing powers, I would like to be able to zap people Batman-style when they annoy me. ZOOM go the thoughtless, the people who get in the way of the wheelchair.

Think I had better stop before I get carried away. Just tell me I don't need to wear the outfit Image
Mary Poppins ability to get the house tidy in a flash would certainly come in handy at my place just now!