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strange health issue

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Sorry to read this but it does sound like what SusieQ suggested. That receptionist needs pulling up,over her comments.
well i am back , never did get to the hospital. Went out for the bus and it never arrived , 45 mins still no show . waited to see if one of the other busses would show , and nope.

gave up waiting and came back home , called the hospital but this time called the x-ray department directly and they were so understanding and offered me an appointment next week, but i politely refused and asked if they could hold off because i believe the delays are due to the Edinburgh festival at the moment . she said that wont be a problem what so ever ,,, lets try again after the middle of September.

Hi Melly thank you for the welcome back :D .....
My lump in the throat turns out to be scar tissue and a tiny hole as a result of silent reflux , which mainly hits during the night when laying down , and a valve does not close properly allowing pure stomach acid to come up into my throat and mouth , it had even started to effect my wisdom teeth.

mum attended the carers club while dad was alive , but stopped going because she said it was just the same things they talked about and none of it would have been any help to me at all. some others that used to go even said it would be a waste of time for me to go , And one of the leaders said it would not be any use to me because theres no one my age group , then said they dont even know of anything at all for the age group i fall into ...
theres a surprise , a council "" pigeon holing "" people .
James, please make a real effort to get to the hospital next time. When I was suspected of a life threatening illness, and advised I needed a scan asap, I couldn't get one quickly enough on the NHS, there was a waiting list of several months. In the end I had to pay almost £1,000 to have it done privately - which probably saved my life. So please don't waste a valuable appointment, you are really lucky to have this opportunity to have something so costly free through the NHS.
Sorry but i am not wasting any appointment.
i have zero way of getting anywhere if a bus or in this case 4 busses fail to show up.

When i spoke to the x-ray department she asked when could i get in within the next 20 - 30 mins , i said if the next bus is on time or even shows up , it would be lunch time i would eventually get in.
Just a quick note of input - you don't have to be diabetic to have peripheral neuropathy. My mother has it and she's not diabetic. It's what I first thought of when you said you couldn't feel the injuries to your foot, as she has times when her feet are completely numb. Other times there are sharp pains in her feet and legs.

And yes, chase up reporting that rude, nasty receptionist! I've encountered ones like this before although never so direct. There must be somewhere you can directly report her to - is there some kind of health board for NHS employees? I'm afraid I have no idea! If it was me, I'd also be writing in to the local paper about it.