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Squatters (maybe)

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I think something has moved in under the shed, judging by the excavation. Has anybody any ideas what?
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I hate to say this, but it's likely to be rats. For many years a titled Lady lived next door, but rats are no respecter of titles! She had a mound like this round a tree near the boundary between our properties, the "rat man" came from the council and sorted it out. Unfortunately, this sort of service is no longer free in my area. Have you seen any droppings at all? PS Be sure to wear gloves and be very careful if you decide to investigate, as you can catch Weils Disease, which is very nasty, from rats. I think it's where they have urinated. If you can, try to find out where they are getting in and block it up with a brick. Our next door neighbours (the other side) keep chicken and their feed attracts rats, so unfortunately they have been a problem which comes and goes here. My DIL's Jack Russell used to chase them, but now my garden has been adopted by four feral cats, and they are brilliant. Haven't seen a rat for some time.
The dog and cat have both been very interested, so I thought it was rodents of some sort. About 4 doors away they have been clearing their garden for the past few months and they had a lot of sheds and a aviary so maybe from there.
Actually a couple of months ago, one evening I opened the back door to let the cat in and there was a massive very dead I'm pleased to say rat on the back door step. Once I stopped screaming and having an attack of the "vapours" it was marigolds on and using one of those grasper things I carried the item to the bin.
I hate the things. The only time I've ever screamed in the garden was when we were clearing the overgrown garden of our first house. I was merrily clipping away at a holly tree when I saw the partly decomposed body of a dead rat. At 19 years old, it was my first "close encounter". My OH grew up in the country, whereas I was an urban dweller. I don't think he felt my screams were justified, but he did the manly thing and came to my rescue!!!
Yep, looks like ratties. If there is movement going on, building or demolishing of anything, the little swines won't be far away.
We lived on a housing estate in a not-so-desirable part of South London before we moved to our present home in Norfolk. Our estate had an unusual layout (anybody remember "Brookside?") and we had a copse at the back of our houses. We were swarmed out with the bloody things, although they never came inside the houses, they used to live under them! We had the council pest control out many times but they always said "well, the drain are clear"-we knew that, they liked our gardens and our bins!

I have never been particularly scared of them but didn't especially want to get too close. This changed when I woke one morning, looked out my living room window, and saw the biggest bugger you have ever seen chewing my dustbin. You remember the old fashioned ones with lids? He'd somehow got under the lid and was merrily munching the rim-half of it was gone. So was I-something snapped and my ex-neighbours still recall me, at 7am, launching an all-out assault on the bugger with a broomstick (in my pyjamas :shock: ).

Now, 2 minutes from the sea, I have swapped Sarf London rats with attitude for a mole who seems to enjoy winding me up-molehills all across my garden. I am sharpening my broomstick in readiness... :angry:
Brown rats. I get them around my bird-feeders. Perfectly harmless. :lol:
Sorry if this is ever so slightly going off topic but related to dead smelly things in the garden, the resident foxes left me a gruesome excavated dead cat in a plastic bag one night- at least I assumed it to be cat by the general shape but the stench was quite indescribable. I got Dad (well enough at the time) to shovel it into the wheelie bin and took the bin down to the end of the gate. I joked at the time that anyone passing would think I had a dead body in the bin. Later that day someone in karki uniform stopped outside my house a few feet from the bin and was talking into their mobile phone. I really was expecting the police to knock on the door at any moment but I think it must have been pure coincidence and my mind running away with me :lol: