Goodbye Mistletoe

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In these days a man will be accused of abuse if he goes
closer to a woman than 5 ft. ( :D ) have we seen the end of Mistletoe?

Once upon a time when a builder etc, up on his scaffold, might whistle at a passing good looking women but not any more. Another old custom gone.
Albert, there was, recently, in the press, a very good article (I forget where, possibly the BBC website - I don't think it was the Grauniad though it could well have been!), where someone replied, very succinctly, to whoever it was (eg, MP or whatever) who'd said:

'Well, all that sort of thing was a lot more acceptable in previous decades'

To which the tart reply was:

'Er, Acceptable TO WHOM??????'

The point being that it has NEVER been 'acceptable' to WOMEN!!!!! They just had to put up with it.

All that said, of course, another notable exchange was:

'When is flirting harassment?'

'When you don't fancy the guy!'......

So, yup, as ever, tricky business.
Surely there must be a woman somewhere. who when whistled at from scaffolding, just smiles and
dare I say it, is somewhat pleased that someone admired her at a distance.

Is it OK to smile at a woman now or is that out of bounds?
As I said, best to keep 5 foot away with a stony face. :)

Still, my wife doesn't yet(!) phone the police if I abuse that 5 foot ! :lol:
Albert, none of these are any problem at all with a CONSENTING woman!!! So just ask first and with your charm I'm sure she'll consent ;)
MrsAverage wrote:
Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:50 pm
Albert, none of these are any problem at all with a CONSENTING woman!!! So just ask first and with your charm I'm sure she'll consent ;)
WOW! I must get out a bit more !! :D
I think it's a real shame if there can't be any FRIENDLY banter between the sexes.
It's one thing to give someone you know and like a friendly hug and peck on the cheek, but completely different to be groped by someone who is "pickled".
There is one thing women hate more than being whistled at ,and that is not being whistled at .
Just joking ,but it all depends on who is doing the whistling ,if a woman turns round to give the whistler a mouth full expecting a
builder with a beer belly ,and finds out it was George Clooney or Brad Pitt ,she would be walking on air .
When i was in London and some of the chaps were talking about all the pretty women they see ,someone said that in France it is not a motoring offence if you have a accident if you are distracted by a woman .
Don't know if it is true or not.
It was my then 80 year old FIL who broke his hip falling over a step while turning to watch a pretty young lady walk by :lol: :roll:
"Last of the Summer Wine."
Compo's abuse of Nora Batty.
Did women accept that comedy?
Now that really would bring out the worst in me! It was persecution, not nice at all. He'd definitely get my "Ice Maiden" treatment.!