Special Olympics, Ireland

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My son has been selected to represent the Ulster basketball team at the Special Olympics Ireland Games in Dublin next June. We’re very proud of him and the other members from his club who were selected. The social worker who suggested my son join the local Special Olympics Basketball club did us a big favour - it has been a great outlet for him and all the members of the club.

That's great Gilli - hope they do well :D
Well done to your son!! Lovely to hear some positive news.
That's great Gilli.

It's a pity it doesn't get more news coverage like the ParaOlympicss and Invictus Games, then more would know about it.

S goes to Special Olympics too. It's a great way to network and meet others.

Well done! It's so nice to have some good news
Thanks for all your replies. I agree, there should be more media coverage of these events. The basketball club will be doing everything possible to raise awareness of the people in their midst who will be taking part in this major event and also raise funds.

Melly, what is S’s sport?

Hi Gilli,
S enjoys running best, both track and cross country. He is competing in the North Shropshire cross country event next weekend.

He also plays new age curling and boccia. He trains in unihock when he gets the chance and loves practising skills but struggles with games largely due to his autism. He also trains in athletics and has competed in swimming galas, an aquathon and sportshall (?) which is a bit like circuit training. As he has got older, he has struggled more with competitions, too much waiting around, too noisy/busy and too long! However he has started signing himself up for events again more recently, which is great.

It's a pity they don't have a snooker team ...

His SO club also offers football, table tennis, badminton, swimming and some of the athletes also do skiing.

Melly, that’s great that S is interested in so many sports. I know many Special Olympics athletes find it difficult to cope with competitions with other clubs, but just being involved on a weekly basis in something that is both physical and social is good in itself.

Over here Special Olympics clubs tend to concentrate on one sport, rather than several.