Spare Continence Products

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We are based in the North West and have some spare Continence pads if they would be good to anyone. They are the slip type which are to be used with the mesh pants over the top or am sure you could even add them to your own pants. We don't just want to throw them away we would like to pass them onto someone who genuinely has a need for them

Below is a link to the product type ... 205198.jpg
Hi Michelle,
I had boxes full left over when Mum died. I had had a good relationship with her care team and asked them if any of their other service uses could make use of them. They took them away with alacrity and many thanks passed back from the recipient. It amazed me that the clinic wouldn't take back even the unopened boxes. They said it cost more to take them back than the initial cost. I wonder how many boxes of such things are wasted annually?
Michelle try your local charity shop - the one I work in is always grateful to receive them, they sell really well !