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IF I RULED THE WORLD....! - Carers UK Forum


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Since I came back from holiday I've made some resolutions. I'm going to have one "me"day a week, usually Wednesday. Generally, I'm going to look after me, more. However, this means I need to work smarter the rest of the week....but I'm spending huge amounts of time on the phone, thanks to endless menus, endless music, endless transfers from one to another. One day one call to the electricity board took an hour, and I still didn't have an explanation as to what they'd done with £1,000 of mum's money. So if I ruled the world, I'd pass a law that would require phones to be answered by trained humans who could put you through, first time, to someone who could answer a question witin 3 minutes. What would you do to make the world a better pkace?
Ooh Bowling Bun, I think my first thing would be to make sure all carers get a me day each week! Fab idea, really make sure you stick to it (it's so easy to put me time off, I find). Good on you!

I'm not sure I could pick just one thing - but if there were a way of making everyone share - whether it's time, money, food, whatever - so that people couldn't hog loads whilst others went without, I think I'd do that (and that way you could get more than one me day a week because other people would be doing some of the work for you).
No.1, I've almost sold mum's house, contracts about to be exchanged, house virtually empty, and paperwork at last under control. M lives in his own flat, comes home alternate weekends, as a general rule. So whilst they still both need me to do odd jobs and admin for them, I do have some caree free days. However I tend to work through all of them. Now I'm trying to rearrange my jobs to get one free dsy. At the moment I'm often paper shuffling in the evenings, but with Sky Plus I often have Time Team for company, and often I'm awake before
6am! (Another resolution is to stop and put my feet up about 4pm. before I start cooking tea for the family). After being a full time carer for over 30 years, I'm enjoying semi retirement.