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Son to be on telly

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Hope this doesn't come up twice - tried to post but t'internet disconnected me. Rob's campaign is gaining momentum again. There will be a 250 word article in tomorrow's Scotsman newspaper. STV News are coming out to our house tomorrow morning at 11.00am to film a piece with young Robert and the Daily Record are going to be running a story at the end of the week. It's all because the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign are publishing and presenting to the Scottish Parliament tomorrow night their research on the lack of paliative care for young adults which they undertook because of Rob's campaign. Fingers crossed it puts a bit more pressure on the Scottish government. Jackie Baillie of Labour and Jim Eadie of the SNP are going to try and get the equivalent of a member's bill to get this discussed in September sometime after the Scottish Referendum or so they promised Rob last week when we were at Parliament with the Action Duchenne lobby. We'll see how things go.

fingers crossed for a good result Eun !
Well done rob :D
Really well done - hope Rob's persistence pays off.
He's going to be on 3 or 4 programmes on STV tonight and it will also be posted on line. Would you like me to post a link for it when we get it? He has also made a film with the other boys regarding the campaign shall I post that link too? I don't want to be "ramming it down your throats" so to speak but I am proud of him and I just wanted to share it with my friends on here.

Of course we want the links eun :D
crocus wrote:Of course we want the links eun :D

most definitely !

I think we're all as proud of "our" Rob as you are :lol: :lol: :lol:
Links please Eun. Well done Rob.
Excellent news Eun. Rob's going to be quite the star and so he should be.
Very well done Rob!!! :D
He was on STV Glasgow last night at 6.00pm and again on the Scottish News at 10.00pm. Trying to find a link for the film but having no luck so far but apparently it will be on STV Player for about a week. Someone on a facebook page I am on gave me a link to the text of the programme which is:-

http://news.stv.tv/scotland/280343-musc ... -holyrood/

I hope they do put up a link to the film as I would like to send it to all the relatives!