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Son had fall

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Our eldest Son whom we have cared for for 32 years now, was getting out of bed last week, he lost his coordination and his balance and fell head first into the chest of draws and then fell onto the floor; he had a nasty lump on his head but was more shocked and upset than anything else. He couldn't put his arms out to save himself.

I ask why he didn't press his wrist alarm and he just looked and I knew that he was disoriented with what had happened for him to do so!

The OT came out as a matter of urgency and he was so understanding, informative and helpful. He was respectful too and unfortunately I have met many young professionals who have been rude and obnoxious!

One of the issues he was concerned about was my caring role; having to care for two men and the fact that I had been caring for a long time.

He went on to explain that the NHS and Social Services would not cope without the silent army/Unpaid Carer's and I was surprised that he said this, as not one person that I have met yet have ever said this to me!

He went on to discuss unfair PIP's/assessments, unsafe discharges and people being sent home from hospital against his wishes as it wasn't safe due to bed shortages and they have ended up falling and being hospitalised again, which I agreed it was dangerous for the patient and waste of money/resources!

We all applaud our NHS, having to work under so much pressure is a daily burden for the staff but it puts patients lives at risk too and this is unacceptable.
My wife's alarm pendant will register a sudden drop, (i.e. a fall) and call their emergency number. It's maybe something that you could look into for the future.

Ours was provided and installed completely free via SS in Hampshire and comes from:- https://argenti.co.uk/who-do-we-help/
My brother recently had the same situation
so has he solved the problem yet?