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Something weird has happened? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Something weird has happened?

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Oh, Kiwigaz, just when this is getting really good you confess that you've been keeping both watches in total darkness for ages. Image

But the USO is promising, and I think I know what it was. If there are such things as might be described as "spiritual", let's say angels for example, I can easily imagine the following scenario.

Angel (shining light at Kiwigaz): Kiwigaz! Eco watches stopped. Light! Light, Kiwigaz! Get it? Light!

Isn't it great to have a bit of mystery in your life just to make things interesting.

Unfortunately I think the watch episode is down to what I said but it was wonderful to think something spooky as afoot. By the way watch still working this morning.

Just to add to my mystery week, yesterday when I was sitting at my laptop I felt something brush my hair, now as I am in the realms of getting old my greying and thinning hair is very short, I just dismissed this as something that happens, however last night just after mother went to bed I got my laptop and took it into the living room and just as I was about to sit down I felt the brush across my hair as if someone or something was giving my head a pat. After what happened earlier I thought I best have a nosey as to what could brush against my hair, you guessed it nothing.
Maybe someone is visiting me and trying to tell me things will be okay, I hope so. I have always been a bit spiritualist but haven't thought about it since coming back to the UK.

Thanks for all your thoughts and comments, it's great to see that others have an enquiring mind too, gives us something to chat about anyway.
I have had experience of clocks stopping and deaths in the family happening together. Image
I'm a bit jealous as nothing spooky ever seems to happen to me. Not now, anyway. Years ago, in another house, I had a spate of spooky things happen, like coming home from work one day and finding a huge chunk of broken glass on the kitchen counter that hadn't been there in the morning. Now all we seem to get is loud noises in the house, like something large falling, when no people or animals are there and I can never figure out what made the noise. Image
That sounds pretty weird to me koala Image
If ever I hear loud falling noises in this house its usually hubby Image
SussexRokx, you can have as many strange events as you can handle, I have had my fair share lol.
Earthquakes never bother me, as being brought up in NZ they were a common event so you just got used to them.
I have seen and heard a ghost but that was a long time ago in NZ, just after the person had died and came to give me some advice.
On the watches again they both have stopped again and it is because there hasn't been enough daylight lately to recharge them and as I don't wear a watch now, also because with my splints, mine is back in the drawer.
It isn't as if we don't have enough clocks in the house virtually 2 in each room but mother likes her watch lol. But the new eco drive watches sound great if I need to get a new one.
Wow 1st February, won't be long for Christmas Image
Kiwigaz, this is the spooky thread. What was the advice? If it's personal, at least tell us if it was good advice or not.

We had an earthquake a couple of years ago, and for once I actually heard it, or a cupboard door rattling, anyway. As no animals were near the cupboard, I was worried at first that a possum had got into the house.

I think the possums cause the noises in my house by bouncing on the roof or in the garage and the noise carries. It doesn't particularly worry me if it's a ghost, as long as the ghost doesn't expect me to feed it. Image
the only earthquake i have felt was when i was back in Wollongong, NSW. I woke up and thought 'hey, that thunder rumble is a very longggggg one - perhaps it is not thunder' the house was shuddering slightly more than when normal thunder rocked it and then it occurred to me 'hmm, is this an earthquake, perhaps?' next day, I learned we had had a 3.? quake...

If you want strange phenonomen Sussex - remind me to tell you about my great aunt meeting a ghost next time i pop in - or to lend you a copy of my autobiography!!!! Image
My late father experienced clocks stopping when his father died - 2 clocks stopped within an hour of the death.
I had a wonderful friend who was like a second Mum to me and she was my childrens Nana as mine was out of the picture.
She always used to say to me when things were going wrong "Don't let the B......s grind you down".
When she died I told my work that a close friend who was like a second mother to me had died and that I had to travel to her funeral so would take a few days off. Whilst away someone went into my work and asked where I was and was told that my mother had died well, unbeknown to me they got hold of my sister and expressed their condolescences, in other words the s..t hit the fan big time.
When I got back from the funeral my brother in law rang me and started abusing me on the phone, next thing I know is my friend walking up the hall and whispering to me "Don't let the B......s grind you down" and that gave me the strength to stand up to him for the very first time and told him to mind his own business and that he could not talk to me that way and had no right to tell me what I could and couldn't say in my life and slammed the phone down in his ear.
Because he was 10 years older than me he always intimidated me but never again after that.
I still miss her and miss our conversations, a lovely welsh lady and hope she is still as proud of me today as she has always been. It is well over 20 years since she passed.
Kiwigaz, thank you for sharing that. I have no doubt whatsoever that your friend is even more proud of you today.