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Something weird has happened?

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Lovely story Kiwigaz, gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. Image
She was an inspirational woman and we spent literally hours and hours, night after night talking about anything and everything. She used to recite poetry and tales of life in the UK and her other travels. I was a teenager back then and adored her and her husband and because my family wasn't really around at that time, they became our family and my children called the Nana and Pop.
She smoked like a train but was always elegant and very much the lady. When I look back now, she is the person I credit for being the person I am today because of the unconditional love and guidance she gave me.

Our lives can be enriched by the older generation such a shame that now children are stuck in front of technology now instead of hearing what can be told via parents, grandparents and other older people.
How on the flip side some people can just go on and on and on telling the same stories over and over again, which is what I have to put up with lol.
After our first episode of the stopping watches and me finding out what the cause was, I pointed out the situation to mother and told her that she must keep her watch in daylight to enable the battery to recharge - well that was the stupidest thing to tell her to do.
Long sleeved jumpers, coats, gloves everything that could cover a watch all day she wore. Even when the sun was shining she sat outside complaining that her watch had stopped again.
Her birthday is less than a month away and I reneged and bought her a new one early for her birthday, virtually identical to the old one and got 2 links taken out. She is now happy as larry and have told her that it is her birthday present.
I have also bought her a new white dressing gown as she likes that after her shower, so that is all washed and hanging in my wardrobe to be given on the day.
I told my neighbour that I had bought the watch and said that if it lasts as long as the old one I won't have to replace again until she is 97 (god forbid) Image Image Image

On another subject altogether ??
She is or has gone off vegetables, she used to like 90% of vegetables but now it has got down to peas, beans and potatoes. When I do a fry up occasionally she will eat that but when I do a proper meal she leaves her vegetables.
What can I do, I can't force her to eat them, plus as I think I have said before foods that she has always loved she won't eat any more, this is making my life a nightmare as try and plan what to have only for her not to eat it and I can't afford food wastage.
Any suggestions Image
Oh she does like my vegetable soup but you can't have that everyday and she won't eat it once a week either.
It depends what she still likes really. When my kids were young I used to "hide" veggies in things like spag bol and shepherds pie - dont know if thats any help.
why not ask her each day which veg she fancies - or offer her a choice of 2-3 options for her to pick from - or try some new meals that have veg in?
Thanks for the replies,
I have tried on numerous occasions asking mother what vege she would like this week, she keeps saying "whatever" and I keep saying no you chose because you have to eat them not me as I eat anything. Peas and beans last week, though she doesn't like the length of the beans so I have to cut them down in size.
Am trying leeks again in white sauce she used to like them and we haven't had them for a while.
I have tried putting the vege in and hiding it but she tastes it and says she doesn't like it. Meat and vege have to be separate.
I do despair most days but just have to accept I suppose that she is just going very fussy and will have to give her what she wants to eat. But am drawing the line at cooking two meals, what with my health lately being not too good it is too exhausting.
I have the opposite problem, mum will eat her veggies but not her meat. I asked her if she was now a vegetarian. "Don't be so bloody daft," was the reply.
So I'm now supplementing her diet as IF she where a vegetarian. She doesn't know it, but she now loves houmous (Homemade) and other stuff.
Bread & Butter pudding is a fave, but only if served with cream as she no longer likes custard.

I've no idea why...