something a bit unusual

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Well slightly unusual ,, especially for me LOL.
Here is a happy post ( told you it was unusual ) ...

For the past few days i have been enjoying watching Scientists making new discoveries at the bottom of the ocean, that was until yesterdays dive was called off thanks to a horrid storm that moved in :( .

If you can , i find it best to have 3 tabs open and have each of the 3 cams on there own tabs .
Mainly because when setting up for the dive you can watch deck cams of the crew setting up , and when the 2 ROV's are in the water they switch deck cams to the 2 ROV's .
Very informative , as they have marine biologists online , and on phone explaining what you are seeing .

Tonights dive UK time is set for 9:30pm , but i would check in a bit earlier . ... tream.html
Hi James
We do love to read some happy posts on here :D
Despite the ranting from time to time we are quite a happy bunch . I love archaeology and in another life I could see myself digging in the mud. Do you dive yourself?
I love modern history. I would like to think I would have been a kind considerate mistress of a Victorian household. Bet I would have been the skivvy lol
i would love to scuba dive , but it is so bloody expensive , i looked several years back and was quoted £5000 for lessons in Scottish Lochs , and that was before hotel expenses :( , plus all companies said buying a dry suit / wet suit for someone of my size would be a sting in the tail like £600 for a wet suit.

I did scuba diving when i was on holiday in Africa years back , but that was just in the swimming pool and the instructor left me to it because i took to it like dolphin lol.

Just watching that ROV link now , and they are still on there way to bottom, Sounds like a really good team they gave a tour of the ROV's while on there way to the bottom .

Pet ,, your welcome to be my scivvy :D kidding of course lol.
Just a heads up
If anyone is interested the NOAA gang are off out for there second deep sea expedition from the 7th :D
Several web cams followed over the years :

Northern / Southern lights ... Iceland and Antartica ... bonus of penguins :


Newfoundland / Labrador and Nova Scotia ... watching the winter storms come in from town to town.

Nova Scotia ... Bay of Fundy ... highest tide in the world ... boats galore during June to September as the Back Brothers ... Fin and Hump ... arrive in their hundreds to feed.


Tornado Alley in the USA ... the real thing as opposed to anything produced by Hollywood.
Pet66 wrote:I love modern history. I would like to think I would have been a kind considerate mistress of a Victorian household. Bet I would have been the skivvy lol
I would have been a 'madam' of local house of ill repute ( take the money but not do the business myself of course :blush: :shock: :o :P :lol: )


When that boat did come in , salmon back on the menu for me ???

Madame ? Surely not as kind hearted as Bella , more like a female Bill ?
Hey you lot, stop skiving and scubaring and get back
to caring ! :lol:
Sorry Albert , most 'round 'ere have postponed the breakout from the Gulag as it's raining , and Sunderland / Man. City kick off shortly.

Having said that , the raid on the local food bank is still on for tomorrow ... whoopie , a whole can of beans to myself .... for once ?