Some models I have been working on.

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My mother in law made hurricanes during the war. Lots of women enjoyed getting into engineering work. Of course, after the war they were all packed off back home to the kitchens so the returning men could take their jobs .... :(
Only just seen this.
The Spitfire is the most beautiful plane ever made in my opinion. Only 5000 were made and only one is still flying today I believe?
Many more Hawker Hurrican's were made and without them we would have been in dire trouble.
Reginald Joseph Mitchell was the genius who designed the Supermarine Spitfire. Born 1895 in Stoke on Trent. He hated the name given to it. He died of caner in 1937 so never saw what his beautiful plane achieved during WW2.
Is there really only one flying Spitfire left? I heard there was only one flying Lancaster left but I didn't know the same applied to Spitfires?
I didn't know so few were made either. I have old postcard somewhere of some fundraising for a Spitfire somewhere in the Black Country-I think it was probably Tipton. I guess they were heavily involved in production in that area.
They asked the public to fundraise £1000 to build a Spitfire, but it cost more than that to build each one. The Spitfire factory was in Castle Bromwich.
I bought a great little book about the Spifire called ''Little book of the Spitfire'' by David Curnock. Its only 6'' x 6'' and is jam packed with photos and info on the Spitfire.
There are lots of other ''Little books'' as well on different subjects.
Hi ,Pete ,there were around 20.000 spitfires made ,and there are about 50 still flying ,there are 2 lancasters still flying from around 7000 ,one in Canada and one with the battle of Britain flight .There are brothers in Lincolnshire that have one that just does taxiing runs .
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they have it as a memorial to their brother who was killed over Germany in a lanc.
By the way you can have a ride in it ,only costs a couple of hundred quid .
airfix lancaster build 003.JPG
airfix lancaster build 003.JPG (63.98 KiB) Viewed 1636 times
This is as far i have got with my model of a Lancaster ,i have been working on it for 2 years.
Well well David, I could have sworn it said only 5000 Spitfires were built in my little book and that only one was still flying. I had thought it was just two as I'm sure I saw two at an air show, but one could have been a Hurricane?
I'll have to read it again. My bro-in-law Ron, the one who died last year loved anything to do with planes, being ex RAF. I bought it for him and he loved reading it and he agreed with me that only 5000 were made.
Where did you get your info from?
David, I've just googled it and over 22,000 Supermarine Spitfires were built. Of these around 179 remain, but many are wrecks, so your 50 flying is about right too.
I bow to your superiour knowledge old bean. :)
:D Pete i have got my knowledge from books ,and lately the interweb ,regarding your figure of 5000 ,the number of mk 5 and mk 9s built were around that number ,maybe a bit more ,by the way you can get one for around £1.2 million . :D
Some really nice pictures of model airplane's in here
Simon_1501 wrote:Some really nice pictures of model airplane's in here
Hi ,thanks for saying so .