Some models I have been working on.

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Hi ,finally finished these models ,along with 8 other model planes . ... ew&id=3640 ... =view&id=3
Top photo is the Spitfire .
Bottom one is the Hurricane .
Finished them a few months ago.


Brilliant David. I'd have neither the patience not the dexterity. You must have plenty of both
David you seem to have a lot of patience. They look really good. Think my husband too would have recognised some pre dementia. In fact he still may do.Im not very good with fiddly jobs lol
Blimy David C, you must have the patience of a saint. They're really good. Do you hang them up on your ceiling?
Sajehar ,i am 57 not 10 ,i hang them up in the shed . ... ew&id=3652
I posted the photos of the Spitfire and the Hurricane on a modelling sites ,someone pointed out that i had forgotten to paint the exhausts a nice rusty .worn colour . :D
Joined the IPMS (International plastic modellers Society ) they have a big model show every Nov at Telford .
Planning to go this year if i can get some one to look after Malcolm .


Hi David
Have you thought of painting shed ceiling as sky and clouds? I think it would set them off a treat. Just a thought
Hi ,the shed ceiling has been done with wood preserver ,so i can't paint over it .
Jacob_15032 wrote:Beautiful models. Does anyone else craft as a therapy for their caring duties.
very nice models
Nice work there David. I make models too. Here's a link to them as I can't seem to figure out how to put pics up ... nt_threads

I rediscovered the joys of modelling about 5 years ago. They're my escape from reality. When I'm making a model I'm not thinking about anything else. It sane.
Hi ,i used to make them when i was a kid ,stopped in 1975 and took it up again in 2011 ,agreed it takes you mind off being a carer .
Hoping to get some respite for my brother so i can go to IPMS Telford in November .
The modelling site where you post looks ok ,i use Britmodellers to post photos and get advice about modelling matters .