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Solar eclipse

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Not a hope of seeing anything in the far SE. Thick cloud here. I guess it'll just go dark.
Hope others are luckier!
cloudy (and a chance of meatballs :mrgreen: ) here in the midlands, not seeing much.
Thank goodness for Auntie Beeb!
Equally cloudy here too, so don't suppose we'll see it either :(

(apparently the next one will be in 2026, if I'm still here I'll be 80 that year :shock: )
Sunny with a bit of cloud here on the Norfolk coast, maybe we'll be lucky!!
It was very cloudy during the eclipse and I couldnt see a thing. It just got a bit dark like it was going to chuck it down with rain and all the birds went quiet.

Now we have brilliant sunshine :pinch:

Edit to say that the eclipse was this morning at about 9.30 to 10.00 am (depending on where in the country you were), so ........ susie and ladybird - you missed it :P
Scally put some great photos on FB so hope he posts them here too!
My nephew saw it south of Brum.
No joy here (East Hants) we were at the top of a hill, it went from cloudy to cloudier, I wasn't even sure if it had happened or not! Meet some very friendly eclipse seekers, though, and their equally friendly dogs so it was a nice morning and made a nice change :)
Here in Dorset right down the bottom on the coast I was expecting it at 9.28 but I think with hindsight it peaked about 9.20 and just got brighter and brighter as I stood there waiting for it.
Thick cloud here too, watched most of it online, at the eclipses height opened the front door to see how dark it was, the clouds thinned slightly for a second or two and i managed to get the merest glimpse of it !