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What hobby has kept your interest over time - Carers UK Forum

What hobby has kept your interest over time

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
What gives you that serotonin boost? Looking for ideas for something to look forward to. I don’t find much joy in my life at the moment and would love to hear what makes you happy :).

For context, here’s what I’ve tried but have quit due to discontinued interest:

creative writing





learning Spanish (through DuoLingo)



horseback riding




Thanks so much for your feedback. Would be awesome to also know how long you’ve been doing this, how frequently you do it and what you like about it.
I've been making my own clothes for 50 years. Never lonely as long as I have access to my trusty Elna machine (purchased in Australia in 1973 and still going strong) some patterns and fabric.
Reading - everything and anything. I use the library request system for £1 it is possible to get the latest books soon after they are published. I also use ebay and amazon. I chair a Book Club and we have a 'swap and share' at the end of the meetings and I use that too.

Cats ! They are my best friends in the world. I honestly do not think I would have got through lockdown trying to care for a medically non compliant old man without the cats. They gave me a reason to get up in the morning.

Facebook. Yes it has its issues and I use it to keep in contact with cat show friends. I am very careful what I post . I also am a member of a local Facebook Friendship group and manage to get to the Coffee and Cakes monthly.

I am quite self contained - I guess Carers have to be sadly but I do miss being able to make arrangements to see friends in advance. I envy you BB being able to make your own clothes. Not really a viable hobby for me due to the lack of space and the cats but I imagine it is very rewarding and a very useful skill.
Helena, I know you are very petite. I was 5ft 10in at my tallest, I started steering the 10 ton steam roller when I was 19, and almost immediately had to take the sleeves out of all my blouses. 50 years later I'm a mix of size 18 and 24, with Popeye arms, big shoulder muscles, big rib cage, and love cotton clothes. The only way I can get clothes to fit is make them myself, most things are simple styles in lovely colourful fabric. Every so often I stay in a self catering cottage for a week and sew and sew and sew. Bliss. In many ways it's just a 6-12 piece fabric jig saw puzzle. I keep avoiding jersey fabric, I've had some in my stash for many years, so have decided it's time for me to be brave and actually use it. One has a black background, the other length has a navy background, with big flowers on them. Hopefully, I will finally make it back to Crete to see my friends in the autumn, and have a chance to wear them.
Listening to music (all sorts), reading and photography are my main go to hobbies.

Photography has been a bit limited the last couple of years but I'm gradually getting my mojo back.

I also try to restore old photos...this one had taken a lot of damage over the years. It took a couple of months to bring it up...
Reading (when can), walking, gardening - always been interest.

Also like crochet but can't do it for too long (OA in hand/knuckles).

Listen to music when ears not taken a battering (from S or neighbours.)

More recently - Nordic walking.

I've taken to walking. Although pushed it to far and suffering with strained muscle at moment
Also started to enjoy gardening once I get going. Been sorting house bit by bit after the loss of my husband.
Hopefully can start going on day trips again with my friend in the better weather. We have both missed them
I sew, play various instruments, and sometimes write music. It took a few years to convince my husband that what he saw as "she can't just sit and watch TV, but she has to be sewing at the same time", was for me actually my way of relaxing. To the point that he has occasionally, wonder of wonders, actually SUGGESTED, 'why don't you go and sew?' (Better than 'why don't you just ..... off!')
Dogs/now dog (sorry if my answers are gertting repetitive ) :D
I like belonging to social groups in my local area. These take place in the daytime and we meet up to talk, have tea, do activities together such as quizzes, games, listen to a speaker and have fun.
The other activity I love is aerobic dancing and listening to music.