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No, not the banana skin variety.
The type you wear on yer feet.

Why oh why are slippers seasonal?
I mean, you often find that slippers are only available in most shops during the autumn and winter periods. Most people I know wear slippers all year round!!!

OK, the main gripe I have is the trouble we have finding slippers suitable for my better half.
To explain, she needs slippers that are wedged. That is, sloped to allow her disabled feet some comfort, easy to slip into, not too heavy (in fact, rather light, the lighter the better) and not open-toed.

It's a nightmare trying to find slippers online. You just don't know how sloped/wedged they are nor how light/heavy they are. But trying to find slippers in the shops, especially at this time of year is almost impossible.

Or is there a slipper universe out there we don't know about yet? A Hamleys or Harrods of the Slipper world? A shop that offers a WIDE range of slippers to choose from? I don't care if it's in Birmingham, London, Paris or wherever - I'm prepared to take her there to order ten pairs!!! LOL
I have the same problem Gary Image

I like a slipper that has covered in toes and covered in heel (not backless) with a slight wedge - not a pair to be found anywhere this time of year; all I can find are very flat and provide absolutely no support whatsoever ! Even in the Autumn/Winter I find it difficult to get what I want to the extent that when I do find something suitable I'll buy 2 or 3 pairs to see me through the year.

Having said that - I've found that M&S seem to carry a fair range even through the summer, so they might be worth a try ? Alternatively what about 'nurses clogs' - something like this


Gary, I know what you mean!
When I was looking after Dad, his feet swelled so much nothing would fit.
He had to wear proper slippers, not flimsy or flip flop type so I ended up having to cut them down the front Image
Able world sold the ones that zip up the front, but they were quite expensive, then when winter came a shop in town had them in a lot cheaper so we stocked up in different colours so he could wear them all the time!

Just a thought though, I had a painful heel spur last year and found some memory foam heel wedges, they fit in my shoes easily and were so comfy, would something like that be any good for your better half?

Good luck
have you tried Cosyfeet.com ?
Cant be much help really because I dont own a pair, never have done as im not really a fan, like just walking bare foot or in my socks.

But I would definitely look online
I'm cursed with wide size 9 feet! The Shoe Tailor have various wide fitting shoes etc, and their male equivalent is called Premier Man - my sons both have size 11 wide fit feet. I feel really sorry for my giant sized nephew, he takes size 17 and has to import his shoes from the USA!!!
Bowlingbun I have the opposite problem. My problem is that I am child's size 13 (in fact one foot is around child's size 13 and the other is around child's size 11) and all the girls slippers are backless mules which because I don't have toes I can't keep on my feet and I walk out of them. My current slippers are a pair of boy's ones with "Goal!" written on them and a football on the side. The last pair had motorbike riders on them!! Getting shoes for special occasions and sandals is a nightmare. I am a bit old for black patent school shoes and because my feet are the length of a child's but the width of an adult's and I have a high instep I can't get my feet into the majority of children's sandals which are available. For my University Graduation ceremony 4 years ago the only dress shoes I could find to fit were a pair of black school shoes with lights in the heels. All you can see in the video are the red lights flashing in my shoes as I walk up to collect my degree - talk about twinkletoes Image

Thank you for all your replies thus far. Will check out some of your suggestions.
Cant be much help really because I dont own a pair, never have done as im not really a fan, like just walking bare foot or in my socks.

But I would definitely look online
Sadly, my wife's disabled feet cannot walk barefoot - too painful. She even has to wear sandals in the shower.
As stated in the OP, looking online is a gamble since you cannot judge wedge/heel from the photos or description hence my hoping for some kind of "Slipper Superstore".
Gary, if you are not used to this sort of catalogue shopping, the best thing to do is to order four or five pairs at a time, including one or two that you might not have considered. They you can try them all on in the privacy of your home and then send back the ones which you don't like. On many occasions the ones I ordered which didn't seem right turned out to be the ones I kept! Another alternative is to ring you local disability shop. I've noticed that our local shop now keeps extra wide shoes etc.
We do all sorts of online shopping, Bowlingbun, it's not a problem.

The problem with ordering slippers online, especially four or five pairs at a time as you suggest, is the return postage we'd have to pay if unsuitable. We ordered some last week in fact because they looked "just the ticket" from the photo but alas, they were too heavy for my wife. The "blurb" recommends we use recorded or registered post to return them and of course, we have to pay for the return postage. So by the time we've paid delivery AND return postage, we've effectively paid what the slippers cost and gained nothing. Image