Sick of making models ,i keep hurting myself .

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Hi ,i make models ,i use one of my sheds in the summer time to make them ,the table is a big big even though i cut a bit off ,so i have used 2ftx 2ft sheet of Stirling board as a table it is hinged so it can hang down against the shed wall when not in use .
Been figuring out how to support it using a 3ft piece of shelf to prop it up ,only i might catch it with my feet ,so i found an old mop the name starts with v ,but can't spell it :D the mop head is held on with a catch ,so i managed to get rid of the mop bit ,cut my finger in the process ,so i can screw the bit that used to hole the mop to the under side of the table and i can remove the mop handle when i need to .
Not very good at explaining ,i think it is loss of blood. :D
Might take a photo of it to show how clever /clumsy i am .
Might the mop be called Vileda? I've got one.
It might and it is . :D
Violida mops are rubbish. The squisshy bit keeps falling off. I had to secure it with screws. Did you have to do this?
No ,,the one had took some taking apart.
If you can afford a little extra steam mops are very good. No buying floor cleaner so in the end it balances out. Floors dry really quickly as well.
You might get a few ideas from Horn sewing cabinets. My second hand cabinet has a door that opens up to make a shelf support.
I think the idea of using it as a support for the table is a no go ,i caught it with foot and the screw came unscrewed and the table fell down and every thing went everywhere including a bottle of glue .
Sent for a pair of table supports that are used in caravans ,they swing out of the way when not in use .
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Clever what?
You keep hurting yourself David??? I was emptying the dishwasher this morning and split my nail deep down in the pink bit on the corner ............... I WAS ONLY PUTTING THE FISH-SLICE INTO THE UTENSIL POT!