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Haven't knitted since son was in primary school. Had the notion to start knitting again - shocked at the cost of the wool I bought today. 3 quid for a 100g ball of chunky wool. Used to be knitting was cheaper than buying from the shops!

look online Eun.I have recently bought some lovely wool from e-bay to knit Aran cardigans,I can't remember how much it was but very much cheaper than the shops.It was new wool,some traders use ebay, I looked at those with 100% good reports about their selling.
Good luck with the knitting!
I bought wool from ebay to make no1son a jumper..........ebay trader about 5 miles away, met up half way to pick it up thus avoiding postage costs and got a couple of pounds knocked off for cash.
Hi Eun

Have you tried shops like Poundstretchers and other such shops. I bought some there, cant remember the price but remember it was much more reasonable than the dedicated wool shop.

HI Duncaring Yes I had a look in some of the pound shops but I wasn't sure how well the wool would wash? They only had aran wool - not chunky - but I was wondering if I knit with two strands of aran wool at the same time would that make it equal chunky wool? I'm thinking for next time as I am almost finished the back of the cardigan I am knitting with the chunky wool (its sort of white with flecks of black through it).

Hi Eun

The Wool I got was from the "Poundstretchers" store in Shawlands next to the pub Sir John Maxwell in the arcade above Kilmarnock Road. I got white wool with coloured flecks through it. I have two grandchildren aged 3 a boy and girl, they are cousins, I bought one packet with mainly blue flecks and one packet with mainly pink flecks. I was doing matching jumpers for them going on holiday last summer. The body of the jumpers were in the fleck and the cuffs, waist bands and collars were in blue and pink for the boy and girl. I doubt if this wool would be suitable for your family as you are all adults. I didn't actually look at the selection of wool but next time I am down there I will have a look and let you know.

I think if you were knitting two wools together you would have to keep twisting the yarn and I dont think I would have the patience to do that.

This topic has shamed me, as someone who cannot knit, embroider,crotchet etc. In fact takes me all my time to thread a needle if something needs doing Image Image Image
Hi rosemary,

I feel embarassed too.

I'm hopeless with anything connected to sewing or knitting. My late husband was the one who would sew buttons back on or turn up skirts or trousers for me (I'm a shortie, 5ft in me stockinged feet) lol. Took me 2 years at school to make an apron!!!

I've discovered wonderweb. Marvellous stuff. You just need damp cloth and iron. Be lost without it.

We are all different, I just love sewing, but can't cope with the idea of patchwork, too small and fiddly. Used to do lots of knitting when younger, haven't done any for ages. After a hysterectomy, the girl in the bed next to me was knitting something in Aran wool. She suggested I asked MIL to bring in some wool and needles for me, and she showed me how to do it. I went on to knit 3 matching jumpers in a month, for my boys (aged 6 and Image and me in the first month after the op, as I was under strict instructions to take it easy. Later I did one for my OH, which took a bit longer as he was taller than average. Mind you, it's amazing that I ever learned to knit at all, at junior school I got into terrible trouble because I couldn't do it - simply because I was left handed and the teacher was right handed!!!
I hadn't done any knitting in 20 years till a few months ago. I'm now the proud owner of a chunky waistcoat and cardigan...and last night finished the back of a short sleeved summer cotton cardigan! Mum would be amazed as she always had to help me. I've now discovered the wonders of YouTube video tutorials! I agree about the price of wool. I decided to call it a hobby to justify the cost!! A friend tells me she shops for wool and patterns online as it's much cheaper.

I've always enjoyed sewing but don't get to do much dressmaking nowadays. I have done loads of patchwork in my time and have been part way to finishing a large cross stitch for a while...but caring duties and the ever-decreasing size of the stitches Image have held me back! One day...