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Shingles, help/advice please

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The first time I ever heard of shingles I was teenager. I woke with a pulled muscle in my neck. Any small movement made me cry out in pain.
My mother, a nurse, said she was ‘relieved’ it was just muscle pain.
“Just muscle pain?!” I groaned.
“Yes, count yourself lucky it’s not Shingles”

I’d never encountered that name before and how I envy that blissful ignorance now. I had no idea about the horror of a condition which is described by many as the worst pain they’ve ever felt.

Fast forward fifteen years and I experienced what I would term a moderate to severe bout of shingles. I wouldn’t wish such an experience on anyone. I had two children without pain relief. Shingles was almost as bad. I’ve heard people say childbirth is a walk in the park compared to shingles pain.
I say at least you forget the pain of childbirth.

My strip of rash was across my left buttock and ‘underneath’ if you can picture that. It started as a aching leg. A throbbing ache in my thigh and very sensitive skin. After a few days a light rash developed. A few days more turned this into blisters. Then. The pain. Shooting, burning, stabbing, prickling - all of that and more. A dull deep ache in my nerves that felt like the lightning bolts of toothache with a sharp pin being jabbed randomly across me. All night. All day.

It took a while for me to get proper meds. due to coronavirus restrictions so the illness was full blown by the time I got the antivirals.

My advice would be to get antivirals straight away. Get to the docs as soon as you see any rash that feels like nerve pain and is a ‘stripe’ along one side of your body. The stripe might not be complete. It could still be shingles. It might slightly cross the ‘centre-line/spine’ (like mine). It could still be shingles. If it’s a rash and it’s agony, it’s probably shingles.

Another tip for pain relief, when all else seems to have failed. Is gentle massage. No I’m not crazy. Avoiding the blisters and the rash of course, use two fingers to put pressure on the healthy skin along side it. Making firm strokes along the nerve line towards the spine. I found this the only way to soothe the pain. A bit like rubbing your toe when you’ve stubbed it. The touch sensation along the nerve seemed to partly cancel out the pain.

It got better more quickly than I expected. I’m so grateful for that. If you’re suffering, just go hour to hour. You’ll get there. Good luck.
Hugetort, started this thread in 2016 and is therefore over the shingles!
I am therefore locking this thread.